2005 Mini Cooper Transmission Problems

If you happen to be driving a 2005 Mini Cooper, then there’s a good change you love your car. Why else would you be driving such an old car? Mini vehicles are known for being great dependable cars. Plus they come with great craftsmanship that makes driving so much fun. But every once in a while, like many cars, a mechanical issue comes up. What happens when something happens to my 2005 Mini Cooper transmission?

This year of Mini comes with three different transmissions: six-speed automatic, five & six-speed manual, and continuous variable transmission.

The 2005 Mini Cooper automatic transmission is a great option for those not wanting to deal with shifting and clutching. The car itself gets 28mpg city and 36mpg highway with a four cylinder engine. Common problems people run into tend to be when their transmission fluid leaks, or simply just in need of some replacement transmission fluid.

More often this happens with the 2005 Mini Cooper manual transmission. Due to more usage on the transmission with manual shifting, your car uses more force on the transmission fluid which can lead to problems. Do not worry, it is possible to prevent transmission fluid leaks.

Since its creation, there have been four 2005 Mini Cooper transmissions recalls.

2005 Mini Cooper Transmission Cost

If you are looking to buy an automatic transmission for your 2005 Mini, new and used parts range from $500 – $1,600. As for manual transmissions, a new transmission will cost between $400 – $1,000.

Installing a new transmission is another story. Not only will the cost of labor get you, but so will the parts.

The transmission needs to attach to other parts of the overall driving system. These other parts include the the gearbox and your stick shift. Expect to add another $250 – $500 for these considerations.

Should I Repair My 2005 Mini Cooper?

Frankly, a Mini Cooper of this age may not be worth the total investment to keep it running safely. Considering the cost of a new transmission in a car this old, the value of the car will not be appreciating along your investment.

Considering what it will cost to also maintain other parts of the car like the brake line or power steering rack, it may be better off in the long run to sell your car.

Think about it. Why spend $750 to fix your car when it might not even be worth that after the fact? The money you can get for the car may be better served going towards buying a new car.

If you’re wondering, we buy 2005 Mini Coopers and pay on the spot. Plus, we tow for free. If you decide selling your car is right for you then we want to make things easy. Just give us a call and sell your Mini Cooper today.