2009 Jeep Liberty Problems – What to Know

It is important to stay on top of any recalls your car might have. If there is a widespread issue then the manufacturer will impose a recall in order safely repair as many of the affected cars as possible. Fortunately for the 2009 Jeep Liberty, there has only been one recall to date.

2009 Jeep Liberty Recalls

The only 2009 Jeep Liberty recall was for the car’s suspension.

The company Rock Krawler manufacturers specialty suspensions for Jeeps. These suspensions are often used by people who like driving their jeeps off road. The company recalled 44 performance suspension systems which did not contain the proper grade of carriage bolts. As a result, the Jeep can experience a loss of lift and result in sudden changes while driving.

If you have a Jeep Liberty with this brand of upgraded suspension, you can contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. And remember these issues can affect the 2009 Jeep Liberty Sport as well.

09 Jeep Liberty Complaints

The first complaint filed to the NHTSA regarding the 2009 Jeep Liberty Limited Edition was regarding the car’s electrical system. The driver experienced issues when turning the key where the car would not turn over. There were no recalls regarding this issue however so the complaint was likely solved at the mechanic.

Another complaint involved the Jeep’s speed control. This driver twice had their 2009 Jeep suddenly accelerate on its own. The issue did result in a crash which required a vehicle inspection to figure out the problem. Jeep ultimately decided this was not a widespread issue so there was no recall. However this Jeep Liberty owner was now in possession of a mechanic special.

Another common complaint for Jeeps is the fuel mileage. Of course, one should not buy a Jeep if they want a fuel efficient car. This year of Jeep got only 15mpg city and 21mpg highway.

Should I Sell My 09 Jeep Liberty?

If you own one of these cars, then chances are it is near the end of its useful life. While Jeeps are great vehicles, they are not known for lasting too far beyond 150k miles. So if yours is near or even beyond that mileage, it may be worth considering to sell my Jeep.

If you are wondering what your Jeep Liberty value is, it will depend on a few factors. For starters, your car’s mileage will determine whether or not someone else can buy your car to drive. If your Jeep has well over 150,000 miles, then you may be better off junking your car.

If your jeep still have some life left, then selling your car will be a surprising option. Similar 2009 Jeeps are currently selling online for around $5,000. That being said, the value will drop quickly the more you drive the car.