3 Car Garage Homes For Sale Near Me

Maybe you have a big car collection or just need room for more storage. Whatever the reason might be, finding a garage with enough room for your needs isn’t always easy. If a 3 car garage is needed, then your search may be even harder. So where is the best place to look when searching 3 car garage homes for sale near me?

Value of a 3 Car Garage

While you might assume the value-add of a big garage would always be a positive, but that is not always the case. A garage of this could be a burden for someone looking to downsize. It’s also means added maintenance and cleaning costs.

So if someone is trying to sell a home with a 3 car garage, their buyer pool may be limited. If there are not large families or car enthusiasts in the local real estate market then the seller may not realize full market value.

This being said, a garage of any sorts always adds value to a home. The ability to safely store cars, lawn equipment, and patio furniture among other things makes life easier for homeowners.

Wouldn’t you rather have a garage than an offsite storage unit? Even if the cost is more expensive, you’ll never have to drive to your own garage to get your own stuff. So if you plan on needed all of that extra space, consider the value of a 3 car garage to you. You never know if you might find one of these homes priced to sell too.

How to Find Homes with Three Car Garages Near Me

When searching for a home with substantial garage space, finding the perfect match can be tough. Not only are garages of this size uncommon, but they tend to come at a steep premium. At least at the start.

When searching online for one of these homes, you may notice the local environment has an impact on the inventory of 3 car garages. Houses in colder regions or homes in more upscale neighborhoods are likely to feature homes with large garages.

Once you find the perfect home, now comes the hard part – buying it for your preferred price. Unless someone is selling a house in chapter 13 bankruptcy then you won’t get a discount off the bat. While homes with big garages tend to cost more, you may be able to negotiate a reduction in price. The best time to do so is if the listing has been up for a long time, which is usually after a month of no bids.