Can You Sell a Car With a Cracked Windshield?

No one likes dealing with a cracked windshield. Not only is it dangerous but getting it repaired is no fun either. Fortunately there are a handful of repair options available, including mobile solutions.

Although if you were planning to sell your car, you may be having second thoughts. A broken windshield might cause most buyers to avoid your car altogether. So what options are available if you need to sell a car with a cracked windshield?

Is It Legal?

If you were wondering about the legality of selling a car with a broken windshield, you do not need to worry. It is completely legal to do so, but you need to be careful.

When looking for buyers, you must disclose any known damage to the car. That includes a damaged windshield. You may think it is obvious enough for any buyer to see, but windshield cracks can be small. Over time, these cracks can get worse and lead to greater risk.

To avoid misleading buyers of your car, always disclose any damage to the buyers. In the event you did, the car buyer could hold you liable for damages. Plus if they were to get into an accident, you may bear some responsibility.

Selling Your Car With a Cracked Windshield

Before you decide to sell your car, it is important to care for the car even knowing the damage to the windshield. Many wonder if you can go through the car wash with cracked windshield, but that depends on the crack.

Windshields are designed with a coating that keeps them from shattering. If the crack in your windshield did not pierce through the coating then it should be safe to wash.

Once you wash your car, it will look much better and will be easier to sell. That way people will appreciate how much you take care of your car even with the broken windshield.

From here, make sure the other windshield parts are operational. Make sure the windshield wiper motor is working properly so the wipers can do their job. Ensure your washer fluid reservoir is filled with windshield washer fluid. Also make sure your windshield washer fluid nozzle are properly spraying so the windshield can be cleaned. Plus don’t forget some windshield deicer for those cold mornings.