Car Accident Lawyers – What You Need to Know

Hopefully you’ve never been in a car accident, but of course they are a scary reality of driving. When flying down the road in a thousand pound metal machine there is bound to be risk involved. Let alone the annoying fender benders and bumper bumps. In the event you do get into an accident, chances are you’ll need an attorney. But where to can you find car accident lawyers?

What is a Car Accident Lawyer?

A car accident attorney is exactly that – an attorney that assists clients who’ve been in car accidents.

They are trained legal professionals whose focus is to work with victims of auto accidents. These lawyers help clients deal with personal injury, medical bills, insurance payouts, and more. Car accident lawyers are specifically in business to get their clients the most money from the person or business who caused the accident.

How Much Does a Car Accident Attorney Cost?

Like any lawyer, car accident lawyers are not cheap. Depending on the result of your legal proceedings, a lawyer can ultimately cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, nowadays car accident attorneys will not charge an upfront fee. In fact, they will charge what is called a contingency fee. This means that you will not have to pay anything out of pocket to hire a lawyer. However, the lawyer will be paid a percentage of the settlement, often between 25% and 40%.

For example, let’s say I was in a car accident and I need a car accident lawyer near me. I find a lawyer who will handle negotiating with my insurance company and sues the person who caused the accident. The amount of the settlement resulted in a $50,000 payout. If the lawyer charges a 25% contingency fee, they will retain $12,500 of the settlement while I will keep $37,500.

How Long Do Car Accident Settlements Take?

While there is no set length of time for a settlement to fit into, similar accidents will have similarly length settlements. The average car accident settlement will last around six weeks, accounting for legal paperwork, filing periods, and general administrative work.

What is The Average Settlement for a Minor Car Accident?

Depending on the severity of your accident, a car accident lawyer can help you settle for the money you are owed. The average settlement is around $25,000 for minor car accidents. This money will come in the form of insurance payouts, medical payments, and pain and suffering considerations.

Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

While it is recommended that you hire a lawyer for any legal proceedings (and none of this should be taken as legal advice) it is not a requirement. In fact, it is possible to successfully settle a car accident on your own.

If you’re wondering how to get money from a car accident without a lawyer or how to settle a car accident without a lawyer, then you’re in the right place.

A car accident settlement can be done without a lawyer, but it will require a lot of preparation and research. First you will need to itemize your damages to the car so you can verify your insurance payout. Next you need to itemize any hospital bills. If you’ve experienced any pain or suffering, studying past car accident settlements can help you determine how much to request.