How Does a Tesla Trade In Work?

Tesla Trade In

Unless you are shopping for your first car, there is a good chance you have a car already. And since most cannot afford two car payments at once, it makes financial sense to consider doing a trade in when buying a new car. If you are considering buying a new Tesla, you will want to … Read more

Vroom vs CarMax vs Carvana- Which is Better?

Vroom vs CarMax vs Carvana

When shopping for a car online, there are no shortage of options nowadays. With local car dealers coming online with their own websites to new companies offering online car buying services, you may not know where to start. If you have scanned the internet lately for ways to sell your car, then you have likely … Read more

Your Car’s Thermostat Housing – What You Need to Know

Thermostat Housing

Every car has a thermostat, and most cars also have thermostat housings. Though most drivers don’t pay much, if any, attention to this automotive part, it plays a crucial role in keeping the vehicle running smoothly. Read on to find out everything drivers need to know about their cars’ thermostat housings. What Is a Thermostat … Read more

Symptoms of Low Transmission Fluid

Low Transmission Fluid

Your car requires a number of different fluids. From gas and fuel to washer fluid and power steering fluid, there are a number of levels you need to stay aware of. With this in mind, your transmission fluid is a crucial fluid to keep at proper levels. But what are the symptoms of low transmission … Read more

Can You Sell a Car With a Cracked Windshield?

Cracked Windshield

No one likes dealing with a cracked windshield. Not only is it dangerous but getting it repaired is no fun either. Fortunately there are a handful of repair options available, including mobile solutions. Although if you were planning to sell your car, you may be having second thoughts. A broken windshield might cause most buyers … Read more