Everything to Know About Buying Used Car Tires

The tires on our cars are the four points in which your vehicle touches the ground. A metal machine weighing thousands of pounds sits on top of wheels and tires that apply force to the road below. The car relies on the tires to keep a firm grip on the road beneath so the vehicle can travel safely from point A to point B.

Car tires come in many shapes and sizes. Depending on the car you drive, there will be a wide array of tires that you can purchase. Of course your car’s tires will come in a specific size given the size of your wheels.

Eventually the time will come when you need to replace your tires. This may come after failing your car inspection. When this happens you will need to buy your car some new tires, which will be a big cash expense. What is there was a more affordable tire you could use for your car? That’s where used car tires come in.

What Are Used Tires?

Used car tires are exactly what they sound like. They are formerly new tires that have spent some time on the road being driven on. They have some wear and tear given their short time on the road.

However used tires aren’t necessarily worn out. If a set of used tires still has some tread depth then they can still be used on the road. Yes most people would prefer the peace of mind driving on new tires, but the cost of new tires can be scary. Used tires provide an affordable way to equip your car with functioning tires.

The average car tire will last around six years given average driving. If you are a daily driver or frequently travel long distances in your car then your tires may wear out sooner rather than later. Worn out tires will show little to no remaining tread. Without tread the tires are unable to grip the texture of the road, putting your car at risk of sliding or hydroplaning.


Buying Used Tires

Now that you have decided to buy used car tires, it is time to figure out the details. Buying tires can be tricky and there are an array of options to choose from when looking for a place to buy tires.

To get started you can try searching the internet for one of the following queries: tire shop near me, used tires near me, tire stores near me, used tire shop near me, or used tire shops near me. These searches are proven to provide you quick access to local tire shops near you that sell used tires.

Pros of Buying Used Tires

When buying used car tires, the biggest benefit for you will actually be for your wallet. The cost of used tires will be hundreds of dollars less than hat you will pay for new car tires. The reason for this is obvious because you are not receiving an unworn product. Plus, new tires often come with warranties or other perks depending on the new tire shop you normally buy tires from.

Another benefit if buying used tires is how it helps the environment. By buying used tires as opposed to new tires, you will be giving new life to tires that would otherwise be left behind. Since tires can be recycled, sometimes unused tires will simply be used to recycle the rubber into brand new tires. This is because the manufacturers can make a higher profit margin by selling new tires as opposed to selling used tires.

By using used tires, you will be transporting the tires to the end of their useful life. Once the day comes to change tires again the tires will be recycled. But the great fact is that the used tires were used for as long as they could be and that nothing was wasted in the process.

If you happen to be leasing your car, using used tires can save you some money when turning back in your vehicle. Some leases will charge you a penalty if the car’s tires are worn a certain amount. This is because leased cars will have tires made of what is called OEM rubber. This stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer rubber, meaning that this is the tire provided by the manufacturer. Simply swap out the tires on your leased car with used tires and change them back when your lease is up.

Cons of Buying Used Tires

Since used tires aren’t a perfect solution there are bound to be some downsides. The main downside of buying used tires is that you will be buying tires with a shorter life span than if you were to buy new tires. Since new tires last on average around six years, the used tires you buy will not last as long.

As long as you are buying used tires with a healthy amount of tread remaining, you will be able to get at least a couple years of use out of your used tires.

Another con of buying used car tires is the actual purchasing process. If you choose to buy used tires online, then you will not get the chance to closely review the quality of the tires yourself. If you can, request a close up image of the tire to see how good of quality the tread is in.

If you search for “used tire shops near me” you will find a bunch of options to go buy used tires. It’s worth visiting a couple different used tire stores to get the best price you can for a set of used tires. Plus, you can browse all the used tire inventory to find the best used tires for your car.

Is it Worth it to Buy Used Tires?

When looking for a tire shop near me, you may be wondering if you should buy used tires for your car. Since used tires come in so many different conditions, it is worth scanning for a set of used tires that seem too good to be true.

Once you find a set of used tires that seem like they are in good shape and can be had for a good price, there are some things to check for. First check the tread depth of the used tires. Is the tread still effective? Will the tire still grip the road? As long as there is some depth tleft in the tread then you should be good to go.

Next check the rubber surface for any cracks or punctures. It is obviously a bad thing if your tires have any holes or cracks because it will lead to problems or even an accident. Last, check the balance of the tire to see if the tire’s mass is evenly distributed. Since the tire is used, it may have worn more on one side than the other. Try rolling the tire to see if it wobbles or if it leans to either side.

Cost to Buy Used Car Tires

It’s always important to consider the cost of replacing your tires. Tire replacement cost can vary depending on the tires you buy or the tire shop you buy from. When it comes ot the cost of used tires however the calculation will differ even more.

Since used tires come in different qualities, the cost to buy used tires near me will range. A set of four used tires in decent shape will cost around $25 – $75 per used tire. A complete set of used tires will run between $100 – $300. Of course it is possible to get an even better deal, but always make sure the tires are in working condition.

This is much more affordable than the cost of new tires, which can cost up to $300 per new tire. That means a brand new set of tires will cost over a thousand dollars. So buy used tires and save yourself some money!