How to Get Paid Cash for Junk Cars

If you are sitting on a junk car then you know how troublesome it can be getting rid of it. Junk cars can be a burden not only to look at but also to dispose of. This behemoth of steel and metal used to be a powerful motor vehicle that drove all over the road. But now the car is decrepit and its best days are long gone. But what is you could get paid cash for junk cars and you never had to see your clunker junker again?

Who Buys Junk Cars for Cash?

In our current economy it can be hard finding cash buyers for junk cars. As business moves online, so do our transactions. In fact we already see many companies popping up bringing the car purchase experience online. Startups like Vroom, Carvana, and Carmax are making it possible for end users to buy a new or used car online.

Since we are still in the early stages on online car buying, there will be a lot of pain points being figured out over the next few years. But for the time being there are only a handful of companies paying cash for junk cars.

For starters, your local junkyard will likely pay you cash for clunkers. Scrap yards are known for their rugged businesses that aim to find value in almost anything. That includes auto salvage yards that buy junk cars. In order to remain profitable, salvage yards must find value in junk cars.

Auto salvage yards are best known for paying cash for junk cars. By paying cash they avoid credit card fees or problem transactions with difficult customers. Plus paying cash allows salvage yards to complete every transaction on the spot. Bank fees and credit cards only complicate the scrap business.

Cash for Junk Cars Near Me

If you have a junk car for sale, chances are you have heard directly from a local junk car buyer. These people usually work for themselves and act as a middleman for the scrap car business.

Local junk car buyers will usually have their own truck and towing trailer. Their websites will usually be pretty thin with just a phone number and a picture of a junk car. To use their services just give them a call and they will pay you cash for your junk car. That being said, their offers will be low compared to a service like since the can only make one offer.

When dealing with a cash cars buyer, understand that they operate a small business. Their cash offers depend on the prices scrap yards pay for junk cars. If they can not unload a junk car for a profit, then they cannot make you a fair offer for your junk car.

Cash for Junk Cars Without Title

If you have a junk car without title you may be wondering “can I sell my car with no title for cash?” The answer to that question in fact is yes. That being said auto salvage yards may give you trouble if you do not have car title. Junkyards do not like dealing with the DMV and they have no interest in solving your title issues.

So if you need to sell a junk car for cash without title, you will have to work with a company like We buy junk cars without title every day. Plus we help our customers figure out their own car title issues.