Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission Problems

Even though Pontiac may no longer be in business, their cars are still all over the road. With dozens of various models through the years, one of their most popular cars is the Pontiac Grand Prix. Even though the Grand Prix is so popular, the car can have some mechanical issues. But so does every car, so not to worry. If you happen to have Grand Prix transmission problems then we want to help you out.

History of the Grand Prix

Pontiac first released the Grand Prix in 1962 in a coupe model. The carmaker continued to produce Grand Prix coupes through 2002, however this was not the only type they made.

In 1989 Pontiac started making a Grand Prix sedan which proved to be even more popular. Pontiac continued to make the sedan model through 2008 until the company’s eventual closing.

The Grand Prix started off as a general full-sized car, however over the years Pontiac changed the style of the car frequently. Some generations tried to focus the Grand Prix as a luxury vehicle while other generations appealed to mid-sized car buyers. Towards the end of its production, Pontiac focused the Grand Prix as a full sized car.

Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission

The Pontiac Grand Prix features the same transmission throughout its years of production. All models are equipped with 4 speed automatic transmissions, which means there are no manual shifting options.

The Grand Prix uses the 4T65E transmission for standard models, while supercharged Grand Prix models use the 4T65E-HD transmission.

The 4T65E transmission is produced by General Motors for many of its mid sized sedans. Since GM produced Pontiac cars, all of these transmissions were made in house. This made it easy for GM to implement the same transmission across multiple car makes and models.

Common Pontiac Transmission Problems

One of the most common issues with a Grand Prix transmission is leaking transmission fluid. A car’s transmission needs transmission fluid in order to transmit pressure into the mechanics, so a leak is not a good thing. Keep an eye out for spots under your car when parked, because it may be a leak. Make sure to read up on how to prevent transmission fluid leaks.

Another common problem with Pontiac Grand Prix transmissions is a grinding or shaking feeling. This can occur when shifting gears or when traveling at high speeds. Your Grand Prix may even slip gears, which is a clear sign of transmission issues.

If you notice any other issues with how your Pontiac shifts, there may be some hidden problems with your Gran Prix transmission. If the gears in your transmission are slipping or you can’t shift your car into reverse, then it may be time to get your car inspected.

Pontiac Grand Prix Recalls

In 2008 GM implemented a recall of Grand Prix models between 1997-2003. This was ultimately because of engine fires that occurred in over two hundred Pontiac Gran Prix cars.

Another recall was implemented in 2009 to cover special edition Gran Prix cars that experienced engine fires. A third recall went into affect in 2015 that included all 3800 V6 engines.

So if you own anything between a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix to a 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix, make sure to check up on active recalls.

2000 Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission4T65E4 Speed Automatic
2001 Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission4T65E4 Speed Automatic
2002 Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission4T65E4 Speed Automatic
2003 Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission4T65E4 Speed Automatic
2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission4T65E4 Speed Automatic
2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission4T65E4 Speed Automatic
2006 Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission4T65E4 Speed Automatic
2007 Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission4T65E4 Speed Automatic
2008 Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission4T65E4 Speed Automatic