Salermo & Sons Inc Elizabeth, NJ

If you’re searching for junkyard Elizabeth or junkyard New Jersey, chances are you will stumble upon some local junk car buyers. Salermo & Sons Inc is located in the town of Elizabeth, NJ. They sell new and salvaged car parts, plus they offer junk removal services and auto repairs. Salermo & Sons salvage yard is a great source of scrap cars and scrap metal. They even offer engine replacement.

If you need to sell a junk car today, not only can Salermo & Sons Inc handle it, but so can If you are not located in Elizabeth, NJ you can visit our website to learn how to sell a junk car. Once you are ready to sell your junk car today, just give us a call at (844) OFFER-44 or fill out our online form. We will give you an instant cash offer for you car. Plus, we tow for free and pay on the spot.