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Scrap My Car

How to Scrap a Car

Whether your car was in a wreck or is just reaching the end of its useful life, you may be wondering what options you have. Dealing with a junk car is stressful enough, but luckily there’s a way to get value out of it anyways. This way is called scrapping the car.

Scrapping a car is the process of breaking it down to remove any working parts which may have value. What remains after parts are pick-n-pulled is the materials that make up the car. Everything from scrap metal, plastic, upholstery, and other materials can be recycled in a number of ways. 

What happens with the removed parts? Depending on who took the car apart to begin with, the useful parts can end up in a few places. When scrap yards pull parts themselves, they often sell those parts at their shop. Many auto salvage yards sell used car parts in person or even online. 

If these scrap yards don’t pull parts themselves, they sometimes will leave cars out in the yard to be browsed by car part enthusiasts. These folks have the ability to pick and pull the exact parts they want or need, and pay a steep discount for them. Since they’re finding and pulling the parts themselves, the scrap yards don’t charge crazy prices. 

What happens with the scrap from the car? Much of this material can be recycled or resold. Scrap metal in the car, such as steel, can be sold to manufacturers or steel mills to recycle the scrap metal into new materials in which to build new cars.

Scrap plastics and other materials can be sold to recyclers as well, though these markets are not as transparent as the scrap metal industry. What remains of the car is then crushed by an auto wrecker, and the recyclable materials are sold of by the ton to large steel mills. 

Scrap Car Prices

Since there is so much scrap metal being processed from scrap cars everyday, a robust economy exists that allows many stakeholders to take advantage of large scale recycling. Because of this, we can get a clear idea of what scrap car prices really are and how much scrap metal is worth.

Due to the recent decline in scrap metal prices, getting the most cash for you junk car can be tricky. But by looking at scrap metal prices we can understand how and why the junk car industry exists.

Be it steel, aluminum, copper, or another metal found in your car, the prices for scrap metal fluctuates daily. When junk cars for $500 used to be easy money, the declining scrap metal prices have resulted in lower offers from junk car buyers.

With so much scrap metal being supplied in the market, scrap prices continue to remain depressed. This makes it harder for salvage yards to buy junk cars since they can’t sell the scrap for as much as they used to. As a result, supplies of junk cars keep growing and prices of scrap metal remains low. 

Scrap Your Junk Car Today

Regardless of the state of the scrap metal market, today is still the best day for you to scrap your car. While scrap prices may go up in the future, the condition of your car will not, and thus it’s best to scrap your car today. 

Let’s say you get a $300 offer for your scrap car but you think in a year scrap metal with be worth double. That may be so, but do you think that time won’t have an effect on the condition of your car?

Rust, decay, and damage are just a few factors that could lower the value of your scrap car over the course of a year. So while the price of the metal may have gone up, the value of your scrap car won’t necessarily follow. 

At, our buyers are able to make cash payments for scrap cars. Discuss this with your rep when you get your offer to learn more.