Scrap Yards Near Me

We work with scrap yards all over the USA

The scrap industry is among one of the most misunderstood industries in the entire country. Most people see these places, otherwise known as junk yards or salvage yards, as industrial garbage dumps which serve little purpose. In fact, these businesses are crucial to the auto industry supply chain and provide one of the biggest sources of recycled material in the world of business.

Scrap yards process tons and tons of metal scrap, electronic scrap, plastic scrap, and more every day. By doing so the industry creates a market for recyclable materials that might normally get thrown in a dump. Not only does this create thousands of jobs and provide a living to scrap professionals all over the country, but the rate in which scrap yards recycle is amazing in its own right. 

Not only do we work with auto scrap yards, but we work with motorcycle scrap yards as well. We even work with metal scrap yards who process raw scrap metal in addition to auto wreckers.