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Sell My Truck

Should I Sell My Truck?


No matter the make, trucks are well known for their life span. Relative to an average car, trucks are more durable and last longer on the road. Since trucks last longer than cars, it’s not always as clear determining whether to sell your truck.

Even if a truck becomes unworthy of the road, it can still be used for its utility. If you happen to own a farm or run a local junk removal or moving company, the truck can be put to use without extended road time. However once a truck starts having major issues, its probably for the best to sell a damaged truck instead of repair.

Of course you may just want to sell your perfectly good truck for any reason. Maybe you’re downsizing or just want a new replacement vehicle. Either way, once you know you want to sell your truck today, we’re here for you.


Can I Sell My Truck Fast?


Yes you can!

It’s no fun listing a truck for sale online and waiting around for a sale. Low ball offers, scammers, and fake buyers make this method of selling your truck a pain. That’s why we make it a priority to buy your truck as fast as we can. It’s even in our name – 

By giving our trucks sellers a fast and simple way to sell their vehicles, we provide a great service to the auto industry as well as truck buyers from around the country. Plus, we help move unused trucks and junk trucks into use or into a recycling facility.

By focusing a lot of our time on how much we recycle, we offer junk truck buying as well. If you own a truck damaged by rust, missing parts, or unknown reasons then we will still make you an instant offer for your truck. No matter the condition, we buy trucks fast. 


Can I Sell My Truck for Cash?


Yes you can!

Unless you’re willing to risk it meeting someone random through a forum, it can be unlikely to sell your truck for cash. For good reason, it has been the standard to deal with a trusted institution like a dealership when selling or trading in a truck. However the times are changing.

At, our buyers are able to make cash payments for trucks. Discuss this with your rep when you get your offer to learn more.