What is a Car Battery Terminal?

If you’ve ever needed to jump start your car, then you are already familiar with car battery terminals. Those scary connections that pass energy to and from the car’s battery. Once you read up on them, you’ll know everything you need about battery terminals.

Officially, a car battery terminal is the connection where an electrical mechanism draws electricity from. For example, your car has connections to the battery’s terminals in order to utilize the electrical current inside the battery.

In important fact is that all batteries will have two terminals, each with a different function. Terminals are referred to as electrodes in electrical jargon. These terminals are differentiated by their polarity, which means one terminal has a positive connection and the other terminal has a negative connection. The positive terminal, otherwise known as the anode, is the connection that receives electrons in a closed circuit. The negative terminal, known as the cathode, is the electrode that electrons exit through.

In all, the battery terminals are the connection points that allow a full loop electric circuit to exist. This current is what carries electricity throughout your car so you can turn on your lights, turn on the heat or AC, or power the vehicle.

Using Battery Terminal Connectors

Without something to attach to, your car battery would be pretty useless. These terminals need a safe way to allow wires to attach to so that electricity can pass through the car. That is why we use battery terminal connectors.

Otherwise known as battery terminal adapters, these connectors are metal bolts that attach to each of your battery’s terminals. So when you are hooking up a car battery, you’ll need to know which connectors to put your charger clamps on.

That is why your connectors are equipped with battery terminal protectors. These colorful rubber covers not only protect you from contacting the electrical terminal, but they tell you which terminal to clamp on to. Your negative terminal will have a black battery terminal protector, while your positive terminal will have a red battery terminal protector.

Battery Terminal Replacement Cost

If you need to replace your car battery terminals, fortunately you won’t need to shell out too much money. The cost to of a car battery terminal replacement is only around $10 although there are plenty of options for less than $5.

To carry out the replacement yourself, you will only need your new terminal connectors and a wrench that fits the bolts. Take the wires and screw them into your new connectors inside the two separate openings.

Next, just place the large opening of the connector over the terminal itself and screw the bolt until it is snugly attached.