What is a Power Steering Reservoir?

Thanks to power steering, drivers have a much easier time turning their steering wheel than folks driving before its invention. Without it, cars wouldn’t be as simple to drive and accessible as they are today. Being able to utilize power steering at low and high speeds is thanks to the delivery of steering fluid to the power steering rack. But where is this liquid stored? Inside of the power steering reservoir.

A power steering fluid reservoir, otherwise known as a power steering fluid tank, is the vessel that carries your car’s power steering fluid. It is connected by a tube to the power steering pump which distributes steering fluid to the steering rack, enabling the car to turn more easily. The power steering reservoir cap keeps debris from getting into the tank.

Where is the Power Steering Reservoir?

The steering fluid tank can be located under the hood of your car on either the driver or passenger side. If you cannot see it immediately, locate your engine and find the power steering pump. It will have a circular pulley and a drive belt, plus a hose that feeds into the power steering reservoir. This is called the power steering reservoir hose. Follow the hose until you see a small tank holding your steering fluid.

How to Remove a Power Steering Reservoir

In the event your power steering fluid reservoir breaks or starts to leak, it’s a smart idea to remove it as soon as possible. An improperly functioning power steering system can lead to a bunch of headaches.

To remove your steering fluid tank, locate the tank and find the bracket connecting it to the car. You’ll first want to detach the reservoir hose and drain any excess fluid from the hose. Next, drain the reservoir itself, retaining any of your power steering fluid in a drain pan. Lastly, detach the reservoir from the bracket holding it to the car and lift.

Power Steering Reservoir Replacement

Now that the old reservoir has been removed, it’s time to replace the tank all together. Fortunately, there exists a universal power steering reservoir that makes replacing the tank in your car easy as pie. No need to scour Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts for power steering reservoirs because the universal option will work on virtually any car.

Replacing your reservoir is as simple as setting the new tank into place and securing it to the bracket. Once it is in place, reattach the steering fluid hose to the reservoir and ensure that the tank is secure to the vehicle. Once confirmed, you can refill your reservoir with power steering fluid and you’re all set.

The cost of replacing your power steering reservoir will run you approximately $200. This only includes parts costs and does not take labor into consideration. Of course, now that you know how to replace a power steering reservoir, you can handle the labor all by yourself.