What is a Turn Signal Switch?

Every driver knows the importance of using your blinker. It is the safest and easiest way to alert other driver’s of where you plan on turning so everyone can avoid confusion and potential accidents. But what exactly is a turn signal switch?

This device is what allows drivers to indicate which direction they are turning using the car’s blinker lights. When the turn signal lever is flipped up, the right blinker turns on. When the lever is flipped down, the left blinker turns on. You’d think with technology this simple, everyone would use their turn signals, right?

While the blinker switch is obviously used for your turn signals, the lever also has another purpose. The blinker switch is also used to engage the car’s lights. Not only does it turn on the headlights, but it also turns on your rear lights, high-beams, and flood lights. And without functioning lights, you are asking for trouble when driving. Not only is it extremely unsafe to drive without lights, but it is also against the law in most jurisdictions.

With this in mind, it is imperative that you have a functioning turn signal switch not just for your safety, but for the safety of all drivers on the road.

Turn Signal Switch Replacement Cost

If you determine that your turn signal lever needs to be replaced, worry not. Fortunately thanks to aftermarket turn signal switches, it is quick and easy to install a working lever.

When looking for a replacement, consider a universal turn signal switch, which can be installed in almost any car. These will save you time when trying to find a blinker switch that fits your car.

The cost to replace your turn signal switch will be pretty small compared to other repairs your car may need. Since the switch acts as a multifunction switch, you’re getting tremendous bang for your buck when buying a new turn signal lever.

In all, you can replace your turn signal by yourself for less than $100. Depending on whether you get a universal turn signal switch or seek out a specific model, the part will run you somewhere between $30 – $100. Plus the best part is that you eon’t need to pay someone else to install it for you.

How to Replace a Turn Signal Switch

When replacing a broken turn signal lever, all you will need is your new part and a screwdriver. First, remove the covers behind your steering wheel. This will expose the mechanical equipment behind the wheel, such as the connections for your turn signal switch as well as your windshield wiper switch.

Next, begin unscrewing the broken turn signal switch it is only connected to the car by it’s electrical component. Next, simply unplug the electrical component and attach the new part.

From here, all you have to do is screw in the turn signal and reattach the wheel covers. Make sure to turn your car on to check that the new signal lever is operating properly. You should be able to turn on both blinkers and activate your various lights.