What is a Washer Fluid Reservoir?

The washer fluid reservoir is an important car part to have, especially when driving in inclement weather. While it is not a very expensive part to replace, it is important to know how it works and when issues may arise.

So what is a washer fluid reservoir? A windshield washer fluid reservoir is the tank that holds a car’s windshield wiper fluid. Your car uses this fluid to lubricate the windshield wipers to smoothly clean your car’s windshield. When engaging the wiper fluid button on the inside of the car, the wiper fluids travels up a small tube and sprays onto the windshield while the wipers are in motion.

Where is the Wiper Fluid Reservoir?

The washer fluid reservoir is located in under the hood of your car. The exact spot differs from car to car, but it will always be in an accessible spot. This is because the wiper fluid needs to be replaced when the reservoir becomes empty.

First, pop open the hood on your car. The button to do so should be located inside the car on the driver’s side. Although some car hoods can be opened by flipping a lever under the hood and lifting the hood. Once opened, use the hood bar to prop the hood open so you can work freely.

Next, look for a white or clear colored tank under the hood. The washer fluid reservoir cap will have a black, blue, or yellow cap on it with an icon of windshield wipers. This is where the washer fluid can be poured into the reservoir to refill the tank.

If you’re looking for the rear wiper fluid reservoir, you’ve probably already found it. The rear window uses the same fluid tank as the windshield, so your rear wipers and your windshield wipers are served by only one reservoir. If not, check your owner’s manual to see if there is a specific rear window washer fluid reservoir.

Washer Fluid Tank Leaking

If your washer fluid reservoir is leaking, this can be a big problem when driving. If you’re in need of wiper fluid but the tank is leaking, there will not be enough pressure to pump the fluid out. This means even if the reservoir is full, even a small leak will cause the fluid to not spray onto the windshield.

It is technically possible to repair a broken wiper fluid tank, however it is not the best option. Using duct tape or a sealant can close the hole and cause the leaking to stop. This can work well if you just need a quick fix to hold you over. But if the leak is substantial then this fix won’t hold up for too long.

Windshield Fluid Reservoir Replacement Cost

A leak in your washer fluid tank ultimately means you need a replacement. But how much does it cost to replace a broken wiper fluid reservoir?

New tanks are relatively inexpensive. Depending on the make and model of your car, a replacement costs between $25 and $50. If your car is a rare make or is made by an international company, the cost to replace may be higher. The price you pay will include the reservoir tank, the cap, and the wiper fluid pump that transports it to your windshield.