What is the Ford Escape Towing Capacity?

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History of the Ford Escape

The first edition of the Ford Escape was made in 2000 for the model year 2001. In fact Ford developed the vehicle alongside Japanese automaker Mazda. This provided both companies an opportunity to combine technologies that could be implemented in both North America and Japan.

While both car makers worked together on this model, they only share two panels – the roof and the floor. Ford managed to produce their version of the car for North American customers, while Mazda built cars for the other world markets.

As the Ford Escape evolved so did the technology being used. The 2005 Ford Escape featured the first ever hybrid drive train in an SUV, although the technology was implemented in 2004. While this was an important innovation in Ford’s SUV production, the company ended the first generation of the Ford Escape in 2006.

Second Generation

The second generation Ford Escape was introduced in in 2008, although there wasn’t a huge change from the previous generation. While there was a redesign of the interior and some body panels, there were no major mechanical changes to the car. Plus Ford maintained the hybrid option for those wanting a more efficient SUV experience.

The second generation Escape model lasted up until 2012 when Ford decided it was time for a full on redesign of the car.

Third Generation

In 2013, Ford introduced the new Ford Escape with an updated power train. In fact, the car maker decided to blend this new model with its other compact SUV, the Ford Kuga.

The Ford Kuga was originally just the European model, however Ford decided they wanted to consolidate their SUV models. As a result, the Escape and Kuga are now virtually the same car but just different branding. As a result, Ford now focuses their efforts to have only one vehicle model per international segment.

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Now let’s take a look at the Ford Escape towing capacity since its inception.

Ford Escape Towing Capacity Table

YearMinimum Towing CapacityMaximum Towing Capacity
20031,000 lbs3,500 lbs
20041,000 lbs3,500 lbs
20051,000 lbs2,000 lbs
20061,500 lbs2,000 lbs
20071,500 lbs2,000 lbs
20081,500 lbs2,000 lbs
20091,500 lbs2,000 lbs
20101,500 lbs1,500 lbs
20111,500 lbs1,500 lbs
20121,500 lbs1,500 lbs
20131,500 lbs2,000 lbs
20141,500 lbs2,000 lbs
20151,500 lbs2,000 lbs
20161,500 lbs2,000 lbs
20171,500 lbs2,000 lbs
20181,500 lbs2,000 lbs
20191,500 lbs2,000 lbs
20201,500 lbs3,500 lbs
20211,500 lbs3,500 lbs