What is Windshield Washer Fluid?

If you’ve ever driven a car, then you know the importance of keeping a clean windshield. Having clear visibility of the road is crucial to ensure safe transportation. Plus, a dirty windshield is unsightly can lead to other problems in the future. That’s why windshield washer fluid is so important to a car.

Windshield washer fluid, also called windshield wiper fluid, is the liquid spray that lubricates your windshield wipers. Usually activated by pulling back on the wiper switch (the lever attached to your steering wheel), the fluid sprays onto your windshield while your wipers move up and down.

The value added by using wiper fluid is amazing compared to using windshield wipers without it. If you try using your wipers without using the wiper fluid, then you’ll hear the loud screeching of dry wipers meeting a dry windshield.

If it’s raining, then the rain drops will keep the wipers from making a loud sound. But you will be missing out on the advantages of using windshield washer fluid. The fluid contains chemicals that clean the windshield and prevent future dirt buildup. The chemicals in the wiper fluid also break apart the grime that accumulates along the edges.

How to Fill Windshield Wiper Fluid

If your washer fluid reservoir is empty, then you’ll need to refill it with windshield wiper fluid. Depending on how much you use this feature in your car, or how dirty your windshield gets, you will need to refill your washer fluid a couple times a year on average.

To get started, pop the hood of your car and located the wiper fluid tank. Remove the cap and check your current fluid levels. Now is a good time to check if there is any damage or leaks in the reservoir tank so you can be proactive. Also check that the reservoir pump is still properly attached.

If everything looks good, slowly pour your wiper fluid into the reservoir. There is a line on the tank to show what the maximum fluid level is, so make sure not to pour too much in. Once the tank is filled, put the cap back on the tank and close your hood. Now your windshield wipers will have ample washer fluid to properly clean your windshield.

Windshield Wiper Fluid Replacement Cost

Luckily for drivers, the cost to refill your windshield washer fluid is minimal. In fact, there’s no need to bring your car into a mechanic because you can replace the fluid on your own.

A small bottle of washer fluid costs around $10, while bigger jugs cost around $20. The price will also differ depending on the type of wiper cleaner being used. If you buy a premium option that includes de-icer or all-season functionality, then the cost of new windshield washer fluid will cost a bit more.

When buying windshield fluid, consider looking at biodegradable options. Since the fluid contains chemicals that break down dirt and grime, there is risk to the environment. Unsafe fluids pose a threat to wildlife and the water supply if drained or spilled. If you can find a safer options with less dangerous chemicals, you’ll be protecting the health of the world around you.