Who Buys Junk Cars?

So you have a junk car but you don’t have any solutions. Staring at that clunker in your garage is driving you crazy. Google shows an array of options of people saying “we buy junk cars.” From this perspective the options to get rid of your junk car are blinding. So who buys junk cars?

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Americans are no strangers to the concept of junk. Not counting cars, people across the fifty states have closets, garages, and basements filled with unwanted stuff. The eventual final destination for all of this junk is a local junkyard.

Junkyards are in the business of taking people’s junk off their hands – for a cost. Since they are giving people the option to get rid of just about anything, the service is not free. Junkyards make money by charging you for the weight of the junk you are disposing.

But let’s say you have a junk car. A junkyard may actually want to pay you for your junk car, which they don’t do for all junk items.

Why is this? Junk cars have great value for their parts and scrap metal. Because of this, junkyards may be willing to pay you upfront to take your junk car off your hands. The price they offer you for you junker will depend on what they plan to do with it.

Once they do, they have a few options. As we will learn later, junkyards are not necessarily equipped to properly dismantle a junk car. So the junkyard that buys your car may let visitors scrap parts from the car, similar to a pick-n-pull scrap yard.

If they are able to reduce the junk car to different raw materials, the junkyard can scrap these for a fair price.

Auto Salvage Yards

The most common type of buyer of junk cars is auto salvage yards. As the name describes, these salvage yards specialize in scrapping junk cars.

An auto salvage yard will buy your junk car for mainly one purpose. Salvage yards usually have a large inventory of salvaged cars that customers can browse for certain parts or models.

So when they buy your junk car, the price they offer you will depend on what they think they can sell its parts for. Once they buy it from you, the junk car will sit in their salvage yard until buyers have picked it dry.

Any remaining parts of the car and any scrap metal is sold off for scrap prices.

Scrap Yards

Another similar buyer of junk cars is your local scrap yard. What makes scrap yards stand apart from junkyards and salvage yards is their objective with scrap cars.

A scrap yard will buy your junk car so they can scrap all of its parts and materials. They price they offer you will depend on the weight of the car and the metal contents it has. As you might guess, larger cars or trucks with more scrap metal will fetch a higher price.

Their facilities will probably have a car crusher and other machines used for dismantling junk cars. Your junk car will be crushed into a compact piece of scrap metal. Depending on scrap metal prices, your old junk car will be sold off for its copper, steel, aluminum, and more.

Private Buyers

If you don’t sell your junk car to a yard, then you may end up selling it to a private buyer. But why would someone want to buy your junk car?

They may be buying it to fix it up. This is common with mechanic specials – or cars that need a lot of work in order to be valuable again. They may also be buying it to make a profit. This can happen if the private car buyer knows they can fetch a higher price for your junk car than they paid you.

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