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2008 Honda Accord – Auburn, AL

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1995 Honda Civic – Auburn, AL

2010 Ford Focus – Auburn, AL

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We do! Our wide car buyer network allows us to buy junk cars from anywhere in the United States. We work with junk yards in Auburn to buy your car for the best price. Even if your car is a clunker, a scrap yard in Auburn will still want to buy your junk car. So fear not, if your online listing is not getting any bites, buys junk cars. Don’t sell to Carvana, CarMax, OfferUp, or Vroom in Auburn, AL – sell to InstantOffer.

Once you accept your instant offer, an Auburn car buyer will verify your car’s details and pay you cash for your car. The car buyer will provide free Auburn junk car removal whether your car is running or not. Depending on the condition of the car, it will either be sold at auction or scrapped for parts at an Auburn auto salvage yard.

After accepting your offer, you can expect your Auburn car buyer to contact you in one-two days to set up a time to pick up your car. Within just days one of our car buyers will be in Auburn towing your car away and paying you on the spot.

We buy Auburn cars without title! We can confirm ownership through other means including the bill of sale. Plus we make it easy to replace Alabama car title to help you sell us your car.

We buy zip codes in the following zip codes: 36801, 36804, 36830, 36832, 36849, 36879.

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