What is a Mechanic Special?

When shopping for a car online, have you ever stumbled upon a listing that was too good to be true?

Every once in a while, you’ll see a car priced much lower than expected. Say a relatively newer car with only 60,000 miles is listed for $5,000. Normally the car sells for $15,000 – so why is it priced so low?

These listings will often be have the moniker “mechanic special,” which will generally explain the variance in price. But what is it exactly?

Definition of a Mechanic Special

A mechanic’s special is a car listed for sale that has unknown issues. Owners who are not skilled mechanics will generally sell these cars for a discount. This is because whoever buys the car will need to pay to diagnose and repair the car.

Now if a skilled mechanic could buy a car at a discount and fix it up themselves, wouldn’t that be special?


The biggest benefit of buying a mechanic special is the value the buyer can inherit. If the car happens to not be too damaged, the price is very low, or even both, the mechanic buying this car will realize a ton of value.

Once the mechanic fixes up the car with their own labor and tools, they can benefit in two ways.

One way is the car could be sold for a profit and provide a solid source of income to a mechanic. The other is for the mechanic to reap the reward of driving a car they fixed themselves.


The main downside to buying a mechanic special is the associated risk of the unknown.

If you’re lucky enough, the junk car seller will have an idea of what is wrong with the car and can gauge repair costs. If not, then the buyer will risk taking on too big of a repair or overpaying for a clunker.

Do You Own a Mechanic Special?

We know how annoying it can be owning or trying to get rid of a junk car can be.

It’s a hassle trying to get a quote on a car that you can’t drive to a mechanic. By not knowing the diagnosis, it’s impossible to determine a fair price to sell the car for.

And the last thing you want to do is to pay someone else to tow it away – otherwise known as “every towing company”.

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