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Get Paid Cash for Cars, Trucks, Vans, or SUVs is the easiest and fastest way to sell your car. It’s in our name. Can you guess how quickly we will give you an offer for your car?

We work with car buyers, scrap yards and salvage yards all over the United States to get you the best price for your car. Our network of car buyers provides us with access to cash for car buyers all over the country. We receive bids for every car we appraise, so you know you are getting the best offer for your car. Once you tell us about your car, we make you an instant cash offer for you car on the spot. All you have to do is accept our offer and you can be paid cash for cars.

The condition of your car does not matter to us. Whether you have a new car, a used car, or a junk car, we pay cash for cars everyday. Even if your car is damaged or was in an accident, we still want to buy it from you. In fact we will even tow your car away for free. If your car doesn’t start or if your car doesn’t run, we will pay you on the spot after you accept our instant offer. was launched to make it easier for people to sell their junk cars, used cars, or new cars. Regardless of your car’s condition, we will make you a cash offer and even pick your car up for free.

By providing these services to car owners across the United States, we interact with the industry’s top recycling facilities, scrap yards, auctioneers, and more on a daily basis. With a network containing all of these industries in the auto supply chain, we have access to a wide array of bids from car buyers all over the country. is able to make competitive cash offers for all types of cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and more.

Why InstantOffer?

We know how hard it can be to sell your car. Online marketplaces are flooded with auto inventory.

With so many car listings to be bought, offers for your car will not come often. Even if you have a brand new car, the car buying space online is so saturated your car may never be seen by buyers.

Plus there are so many options to list your car for sale online. Buyers can only view so many listings that they may not even visit your marketplace of choice.

That’s what makes us different. We receive multiple bids for each car from all over the country and relay the best offer to you instantly.

We Buy Junk Cars

Junk cars turn off most buyers who are looking for a quick and simple method of transportation. Junk cars that don’t run are a pain to pick up too considering a tow truck will be needed. Plus if your car doesn’t run, car buyers won’t want to tow it on their dime.

That’s where comes in. We pick up and tow every junk car we buy. No matter how beat up your junk car is we will tow.

Even if your tires are flat and parts are missing, we will still make you an instant cash offer for your junk car.

Believe it or not, selling your car to is a benefit to the environment as well. We buy junk cars that have been sitting around in the yard or in the garage. Even if moss and fungus is growing out of your junk car, we still want it.

Auto Recycling

There are dozens of recyclable materials inside of a junk car. Remaining metal, plastic, gasoline, fluids and oil pose a threat to the environment.

The soil, wildlife, and even the atmosphere are better served by selling your junk car to InstantOffer.

By getting these vehicles into the right hands, we can all help the environment while getting the most value and future use out of our unwanted cars.

The junk cars we buy are often brought to junkyards, scrap yards, or salvage yards. These facilities use equipment like car crushers and auto wreckers to compress junk cars to a manageable size.

Customers come to us in a variety of ways. Most commonly you will find us by searching one of the following phrases; cash for cars, cash for junk cars, junk my car, sell junk car, cash for cars near me, auto salvage yard, scrap my car, sell my car, sell my used car, sell my car for cash, and more.

Once you come across one of our search results, you’ll notice our domain name tells you exactly who we are and what we do. That of course if InstantOffer, and we provide the easiest way to sell your car.

On our home page you will be ready to sell your car. All you have to do is call us at (844) OFFER-44. That’s (844) 633-3744.

If you prefer to fill out our online form, you’ll have the option to sell your car online. Just click “Get Your Instant Offer” to get started.

You’ll then be prompted to enter the following: The year the car was made, The make, The model, The mileage (odometer reading), the VIN or Vehicle Identification Number, and details about the car’s condition. 

Once we get your zip code, we refine our bids for your car to local car buyers near you. Then, you receive your instant offer.

Once you accept our instant offer for your car, a local car buyer will contact you to set up a date and time to pick up your car.

Whether you sell us a junk car or a new car, we tow all cars we buy for free. That’s right, free junk car removal.

Within only 1 – 2 days, we’ll be on our way to pick up your car. Once we arrive, the car buyer will do a quick inspection of the car to verify it with the details you provided.

Your instant offer is guaranteed once the car inspection is complete.
After the buyer inspects the car, they will pay you on the spot for your car. Your instant offer is exactly the price you will get. Get paid cash or check for your car depending on your car buyer. With the junk cars we buy, we provide junk car removal at no cost. In fact, you can get cash for junk cars with InstantOffer.

How to Sell Your Car For Cash

Want to know how this thing works before you press the big purple button? Here’s a quick breakdown.

Tell Us About Your Car

We both know you have a car already, but we need a bit more information than that to give you an accurate quote. That’s why we ask you about basic details like the make and model and specifics about the condition. Let us know by phone or fill in the online form and you’ll be on your way.

Receive Your Instant Offer

We don’t call ourselves InstantOffer for nothing — it really is that simple. No matter how old or beaten down your car is, we’ll make you a deal straightaway. Take it or leave it. Most junk cars are worth $50 to $500, which isn’t bad for something you’ll never use again.

Free Junk Car Towing

Now, the part you’ve been waiting for: getting paid cash for cars. A local buyer will pick up your vehicle directly from your house and hand you cash or a check (your choice). If you’ve been honest about the condition of your car, this part
should be smooth and quick. And did we mention the pick up service is free?