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We Buy Junk Cars

Who buys junk cars?


The most common buyer of junk cars will be run of the mill

junkyards. Since their facilities are built and designed to process junk cars into scrap, junkyards provide the perfect way to break down a junker. Junkyards pay cash for junk cars in some situations as well. 

Car dealerships are also known to buy junk cars with a few caveats. While most dealerships won’t just pay you for your broken down car, if the vehicle retains enough value then the dealership may make you an offer.

In most other scenarios, a car dealership will buy a junk car if it is being traded in towards a new car. This provides a smooth transition for the customer changing cars, and an opportunity for the dealership to make extra money on top of their car sales. 

Local mechanics or flippers may also be willing to pay you for your junk car. These professionals will take your junk car off your hands for a couple of reasons.

One is because they believe the car can be repaired well enough to resell the car or for personal use. Another is because the scrap value of your car provides an arbitrage opportunity after buying your junk car. 


Why should I sell my junk car?


Let’s say you’ve just stumbled upon an old car in your grandpa’s garage. Grandpa can’t drive the car anymore, and the car only starts up half of the time. Sounds like a real hunk of junk right?

The uninitiated might think they’re out of luck since the car won’t start. If it can’t be driven away, what other options are there? 

One inclining might be to call a junk removal company. While they could remove your junk car for you, they won’t want to pay you for it because it’s their job to remove junk – not buy junk. So by hiring a junk removal company, you’ll be spending money unnecessarily and missing out on a potential payday. 

The best option you have is to sell your junk car to We buy junk cars regardless of how rusty and broken down they are. Plus, we won’t charge you to tow a junk car either. Needless to say, selling us your junk car is the best option available.


Where can I sell a junk car near me?


Cars can take us anywhere, as long as there’s a full tank of gas and an open road. With time, the car will slowly decay and eventually turn into what everyone would call a junk car. 

Instead of searching the web for local junk car buyers, or driving around to random dealerships, provides everyone a way to sell junk cars near me. 

Once you get your cash offer for your car, we dispatch one of our local junk car buyers to pick up your car and pay you the quoted price. Then, the junk car buyers tows your old car away into the sunset and you get to count your cash.