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What is a Junk Car?

junk car is simply a vehicle that, well, sucks. It probably doesn’t run, it’s old, and it smells. The tires are flat or even missing all together.

The car could technically be repaired and made whole again, but chances are it’ll cost more than the car is worth to do so unless you know any junk car medics. These cars are commonly known as a Mechanic Special.

Maybe there’s even a raccoon living inside using your backseat as a chaise lounge while it eats left behind crumbs.

Regardless, any vehicle that’s in rough shape and isn’t exactly road-ready can be considered a junk car. You’ll likely see junk cars abandoned on the side of the road or in someone’s backyard.

You might even have one on your own property, but don’t know what to do with it other than search for “junk car buyers near me” or “junk car removal near me”.

Luckily for you, there is value hidden insight that eyesore of a car. Keep reading to find out what makes junk cars coveted by scrappers alike.

When Does a Car become Junk?

Once a car reaches the end of its useful life it’s generally considered a junk car. This usually happens when the cost of repairs to make it roadworthy becomes too expensive to be worth doing.

A car can become a junk car for a variety of reasons. Road accidents that have caused considerable damage to the vehicle will frequently make cars junkers. Without considerable repairs, accidents can damage multiple aspects of a car at once.

Water damage is another way your vehicle could be considered a junk car. If water has entered the car, be it the passenger area or by the motor, the car can become unsafe to use. Water can cause any number of issues to cars if water damage persists.

Missing paperwork can cause a car to be considered unusable, even if the car is in running condition. If the owner does not have a license to drive, insurance, the vehicle’s title, or license plates, then there aren’t many options to use the car.

The car would become much harder to sell through normal avenues, so junking the car could be a last resort.

Any other mechanical failure making a car unsafe to drive would categorize it as junk. So it’s not too complicated to figure out what is a junk car.

Valuable Parts in a Junk Car

Another way to make money from your clunker is to sell junk car parts. Believe it or not, sometimes you can sell junk car parts for more than the car itself.

The most widely-known valuable part of a car is the catalytic converter. These parts help turn the toxic fumes coming from your combustion engine into safer gases via chemical reactions. The reason for the value this is due to the precious metals inside a catalytic converter, such as rhodium, palladium, and platinum.

Scrap catalytic converters can go for anywhere from $50 to $1,500, depending on the quality.

Another valuable part of any junk car is the built-in computer & GPS system. Assuming the vehicle is a relatively newer model, a functioning CPU system can fetch a few hundred dollars to be used to replace another car’s system.

Believe it or not, but bumpers are also highly coveted scrap parts. Think about it – in any accident or fender bender, the first thing to get damaged will be the bumper. I mean, it’s called a “bump”-er for a reason.

Since plenty of cars on the road today have damaged bumpers or are even missing one, the resale value of a good bumper is worth a few hundred bucks to any scrap yard or mechanic.

Wheels and tires are also parts that provide value to junkers. Wheels, with their metal, can be recycled or reused on another car.

Tires in good shape usability left can be resold, or the rubber can be recycled to make other rubber products. In fact, tires are often shredded and used to make asphalt.

Rounding out the more valuable parts of a car, you have the air conditioner, windshield wipers, radio, and other still usable parts of the car.

If it works, it can be refurbished and used on another car. If it doesn’t work, it can likely be scrapped and recycled.

What can I do with a Junk Car?

When your car reaches the junk stage, it makes sense to find out your options and try to make the best of a difficult situation.

The good news is that even a junk car is worth something, so don’t leave it rotting away in your backyard.

Traditionally junk cars have been sold to scrap yards that specialize in breaking down old cars.

The majority of the car can be recycled and toxic substances like oil will be disposed of in an environmentally safe way.

Selling a car to a scrap yard has the advantage of quickly disposing of a car, but it can be difficult to get your car to a scrap yard if it’s in a poor condition.

Today there are lots of online options for selling cars on marketplaces like eBay, but this method depends on the skills and time of the individual to take photos, place ads, and answer inquiries. It is also likely to take some time to find an interested buyer.

A new way to sell your junk car for cash is to contact a company such as We can easily be contacted by phone or online and we operate throughout the United States. You get an instant cash offer for your junk car for minimal effort.

Who buys junk cars?

The most common buyer of junk cars will be run of the mill junkyards. Since their facilities are built and designed to process junk cars into scrap, junkyards provide the perfect way to break down a junker. Junkyards pay cash for junk cars in some situations as well. 

Car dealerships are also known to buy junk cars with a few caveats. While most dealerships won’t just pay you for your broken down car, if the vehicle retains enough value then the dealership may make you an offer.

In most other scenarios, a car dealership will buy a junk car if it is being traded in towards a new car. This provides a smooth transition for the customer changing cars, and an opportunity for the dealership to make extra money on top of their car sales. 

Local mechanics or flippers may also be willing to pay you for your junk car. These professionals will take your junk car off your hands for a couple of reasons.

One is because they believe the car can be repaired well enough to resell the car or for personal use. Another is because the scrap value of your car provides an arbitrage opportunity after buying your junk car. 

Why should I sell my junk car?

Let’s say you’ve just stumbled upon an old car in your grandpa’s garage. Grandpa can’t drive the car anymore, and the car only starts up half of the time. Sounds like a real hunk of junk right?

The uninitiated might think they’re out of luck since the car won’t start. If it can’t be driven away, what other options are there? 

One inclining might be to call a junk removal company. While they could remove your junk car for you, they won’t want to pay you for it because it’s their job to remove junk – not buy junk.

So by hiring a junk removal company, you’ll be spending money unnecessarily and missing out on a potential payday. 

The best option you have is to sell your junk car to We buy junk cars regardless of how rusty and broken down they are. Plus, we won’t charge you to tow a junk car either.

Needless to say, selling us your junk car is the best option available.

Where can I sell a junk car near me?

Cars can take us anywhere, as long as there’s a full tank of gas and an open road. With time, the car will slowly decay and eventually turn into what everyone would call a junk car. 

Instead of searching the web for local junk car buyers, or driving around to random dealerships, provides everyone a way to get cash for cars near me

Once you get your cash offer for your car, we dispatch one of our local junk car buyers to pick up your car and pay you the quoted price. Then, the junk car buyers tows your old car away into the sunset and you get to count your cash. 

How to Sell a Junk Car

Getting rid of a car can be a bit of a chore. Whether it’s a junk car, a nearly new car, or something in between, the problem is essentially the same. Most people want to offload their vehicles and raise some cash as quickly and straightforwardly as possible.

Trading in an old car when buying a new one can be a good idea as it is quick and simple. The only problem is you’re not always looking to get another car or one of higher value, which will be the dealer’s preferred option.

Placing an ad is a traditional car sale method, and these days there are plenty of online marketplace options to choose from. There is a certain amount of work involved in taking photos and drafting ads, not to mention the online skills in uploading the information.

Safety is a factor worth considering when selling anything from your home, so avoid being alone when dealing with prospective buyers and ensure you receive payment in full before parting with your car.

Junkyards and auto salvages are always looking for old cars and will payout for a car based on its size and weight for scrap metal and the re-sale value of any useful components. This can be a good option if you’re looking for quick cash and you’re able to get the car there. If your car isn’t roadworthy and needs towing, it might prove expensive and less convenient to sell this way.

How to Get Rid of a Junk Car

We all know how stressful it can be to own a junk car. They can’t be driven anywhere because chances are it won’t start. But even if it does start, it won’t run without worry. Junk cars can also leak fluids and be an overall eyesore.

Owning a junk car does have its issues, but it’s time to do something about it. It will only get harder to get rid of the car as it continues to decay, so why not do something about it now.

So if you’ve been wondering how to get rid of a junk car, wonder no more. We’ll break down how provides free junk car removal and how we can help you today.

Cost to Remove a Junk Car

For our customers, there is NO COST to have your junk car removed. Needless to say, not all local junk car haulers services offer free junk car towing. That’s right, it is 100% FREE to have your junk car removed with

From the perspective of a junk car remover, how much does it cost to provide the service? It isn’t as simple as “sell my junk car for $500”. It will depend on a few factors.

First, how far does the junk car hauler have to travel? If someone has to drive two hours each way to pick up your junk car, then the cost of gas alone could prove costly. Not to mention the time the hauler is spending on the road, when they could be picking up cars closer by.

Next, how difficult is it to remove the junk car? If the clunker is sitting in your driveway with all tires inflated, then it won’t be too hard for the hauler to load it onto the trailer. But if the junk car is missing two wheels and it’s wedged between two garages, then any junk car removal business will price that into their cost.

Lastly, is the junk car worth anything? Say the car is in decent shape, then the scrapper might be able to sell or recycle it for some money. So they might not charge you if there’s another way for them to make money. However if the junk car is worthless, expect to be charged to have it removed. Same goes to junk car without title or registration near me.

Junk Car Removal with No Title

If you’re wondering whether junk car removal with no title is possible, wonder no more. offers junk car pick up. We can tow away your junk car whether you have title or not.

Cars with clean and clear titles can be sold more easily than those with salvaged or rebuilt titles. That being said, we buy cars with salvage title and we buy cars with rebuilt titles.

Since we can verify ownership by other means, not having a clean title for your junk car isn’t a deal breaker. Whether you have a salvage title or no title at all, we can go through other paperwork to confirm your legal ownership. Once that’s squared away, we tow away your junk car with no issues. Junk Car Removal

So you’ve decided you’re ready to get rid of your junk car. There’s no point to keeping the clunker on your property for a second longer, so why not find a someone to take it off your hands?

Since there are drivers all over the United States, we make sure to provide junk car removal services everywhere in the country. By using our service, you’ll be unlocking access to junk car removal nearby. We work with junk car removers in every state and every city, so you’ll have no trouble finding “sell junk car near me”.

Here at, we make junk car removal fast, free, and easy. There’s no need to find a nearby junkyard or call up dozens of different haulers looking for the best option. Our free junk car removal makes relieving you of your junk car a painless transaction.

Just give us a call or fill out our online form and we’ll be on our way. Once we confirm some information about the car, a local junk car removal service will come to you. They’ll load up your junk car onto the trailer, hand you payment for your junk car, and be on their way.

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