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What is a Junkyard?

With thousands of junk yards, scrap yards, and auto salvage yards gracing the United States, it can be confusing picking the right one. Junkyards can be found all over the country piled high with junk cars and scrap metal. But for the uninitiated, these facilities can be confusing. A junkyard is exactly what it sounds like. It is a large lot or yard that is home to thousands of tons of junk. Junkyards are often seen with junk cars stacked on top of each other and scrap metal filling giant dumpsters and containers. The grass that once grew on the junkyard soil is now long gone with the dirt beaten into the path so much it is starting to look like pavement. Large machinery used to destroying junk equipment and compacting junk cars is seen operated by one of the foreman. In what seems to be piles of garbage located around the yard, this salvage contains old items ranging from air conditioning compressors to car upholstery. While the average person won’t step foot into a junkyard, these facilities provide an immense value to the recycling industry, the metal market, and the auto industry to name a few. Without junkyards, our junk would be piling up in our own yards, garages, and in the environment.

What is an Auto Salvage Yard?

Auto salvage yards, otherwise known as junkyards or scrapyards, specialize in junk cars that are not in great shape. A car could have any number of problems, from a missing wheel to a broken engine, and a salvage yard will still want it. Sometimes cars in decent shape can be auctioned off to the highest bidder. This is likely because the car is worth more as a whole rather than the sum of its parts. The auto salvage yard can also sell the running car to a car dealer or someone in their network. If the car doesn’t run, the salvage yard has a couple options. The first option is to fix up the car and resell it. If only a few parts are missing or the damage isn’t that bad, the car can be fixed up and resold as a working car. The second option is to scrap the car for parts. In this case, the salvage yard will deconstruct the car and sell the parts individually. They can also leave the car as is and allow customers to buy what they want from a car as is. This is sometimes called “pick and pull” or “pick-n-pull” because the buyer can remove what they’d like only. While there are a number of options for selling your car like online or to a dealer, auto salvage yards are a great option. The best part of selling to a salvage yard is they will buy anything. It almost doesn’t matter how bad a condition your car is, the salvage yard will buy it. Since they can sell car parts individually and accept junk cars, your junk car is exactly the inventory they want. Another advantage is the cash payments. Since auto salvage yards are almost always a cash business, a junk car buyer will have no problem paying cash on the spot. An auto salvage yard can make you an instant cash offer, enabling you to sell your car quickly and move on. There are also environmental benefits of selling to an auto salvage yard. Since even junk cars are being recycled and sold for parts, less debris is left to decay. Be it in the woods or your front yard, there’s no benefit to letting a junk car sit outside. Plus, each day you don’t sell your car, the more value it loses.

How To Start a Junkyard

Although it may seem like just a place to drop off your junk, junk yards and scrap yards are in fact real functioning businesses. Plus without them our communities and our world in general would look much different.

If you’re wondering “how to start a junkyard” it is actually easier than you may think. When a salvage yard is first started it does not yet have any junk material. In fact scrap yards start off as just an empty lot. So to start your own junkyard, you will need a sizable location to do so. This will set you back a few dollars depending on where the yard is located.

A square mile parcel in Montana will probably be cheaper than a square yard costs in New York City. That being said there are many factors to consider when starting a scrap yard. Is the lot size big enough? Is there enough demand? These are all things to consider.

A giant lot ready to process thousands of ton of scrap will not get much business if it is located a hundred miles from civilization. On the contrary, a junk yard in Chicago can get plenty of traffic. But if the lot can only carry ten tons at a time then the junkyard will miss out on a lot of scrap business.

To start a junk yard you will not only need a lot but you will also need equipment. It goes without saying that you will not be able to crush any cars with just a hammer and two hands. 

The most common heavy equipment found at junkyards is the car crusher. These are also known as auto wreckers, or car wreckers. These giant machines do what no amount of people could do by hand. Junk cars are first loaded onto the car crusher using a crane. Some car crushers come with their own auto lift but otherwise a crane will be needed. Sometimes junkyards can use a excavator scoop to lift cars into the car crusher. 

As junk cars turn into scrap metal and other salvageable materials, the scrap is harvested and separated into categories. This is because junkyards make money selling scrap by the ton. The measurement is made depending on the material of scrap in question. For example a ton of copper scrap is worth more than a ton of scrap plastic. A new junkyard will need to establish what scrap it accepts.

How Do Junkyards Make Money

As any junkyard or scrap yard gets established, it will make money in a few different ways. The first way in which junkyards make money is by charging a fee to accept junk. There are many outside industries that create a plethora of junk and need a place to dispose of it. This includes construction debris from builders, random garbage from junk removal businesses, scrap metal from fabricators, and of course junk cars. Junkyards will charge either a flat fee or charge by the ton to allow these people to dump their junk at the junkyard.

The next way a junkyard will make money is by selling inventory. While junkyards do not go out of their way to purchase definitive inventory, the junk they accept or buy can be intriguing to other people. Ever heard the saying that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure? Turns out that this is a real sentiment.

For example, junk cars provide an array of sellable inventory to a junk yard. If a junkyard receives a junk car or purchases a junk car from someone selling a junk car, they can sell the remaining parts inside the car. Such parts as the bumper, windshield wiper fluid reservoir, or brake line can be salvaged by buyers and the junkyard will make money selling the part.

Some junkyards will do the work of removing parts from junk cars and selling them in a professional manner. Other junkyards prefer to leave their junk cars on display and rather than selling parts specifically, part buyers can scan and pick the parts they want or need. However these buyers will have to do the work of taking out the part themselves. Junkyards commonly called Pick-n-Pull or U Pull It make money by charging part buyers for the parts they pick from the junk car inventory. 

The last way in which junkyards make money is by selling or recycling scrap materials. As a scrap yard acquires tons of a particular material, they will be able to sell it to a recycling facility or a manufacturer. For example, junk cars contain ample scrap steel. In fact the average junk car contains up to two tons of AHSS (advanced high strength steels) steel. That scrap can be sold by the ton depending on what the market rate is for steel. 

This scrap metal is extremely valuable to outside parties. While manufacturers could simply purchase raw steel from a metal mill, the cost for raw metals is very expensive. This is due to the cost of mining companies and refineries to retrieve ore and smelt it into usable materials. So the opportunity to purchase scrap metal from a junkyard provides a much more affordable option.

Plus, this recycling of the scrap metal is very beneficial to all parties involved. By recycling scrap we reduce the need for further mining and excavating of our natural resources.

How To Sell a Junk Car to a Junkyard

There are few junkyards on the planet that do not buy junk cars. Junkyards, scrap yards, and auto salvage yards alike get tremendous value out of buying junk cars and scrapping them for their salvage parts and scrap metal. Since junk cars contain so much scrap material, junkyards can earn money on cars bought in a number of ways. That being said, they are even willing to pay for junk cars. 

While auto salvage yards would prefer to have junk cars show up for free, this does not always happen. In order to get enough scrap to stay in business, sometimes junkyards will buy junk cars from customers just like you. Junkyards pay cash for junk cars on a daily basis throughout the United States so if you are wondering “how to sell a junk car” you can always sell your junk car to a scrap yard. 

There are a few different ways to sell a junk car to a salvage yard. The easiest option is to call or fill out our online form. We get bids from junkyards, scrapyards, and salvage yards every day for junk cars. Our junk car buyer network is more robust than any single junkyard, so selling your car through will get you the best price guaranteed. We pay cash for junk cars every day because we always strive to get the most satisfaction from our customers. Our local junk car buyers will tow away your junk car for free and pay you on the spot. 

Another way to sell a junk car to a junkyard is to contact a local junkyard directly. Just type into any search engine “junkyards near me”, “scrapyards near me” or “salvage yards near me” and up will come a handful of local junkyards buying junk cars. If you call one of these junkyards, they will give you two options.

One option is for you to bring the junk car to the junkyard to be processed. They will inspect the car upon arrival and make you a cash offer for your junk car.

Keep in mind a couple things. One is that these junkyards are always willing to lowball for junk cars. They know that since you hauled the car to the junkyard yourself, you probably do not want to shop it around. Hopefully you can sell the junk car today and not have to field multiple offers. But junkyards are a numbers game and they do not mind offending you if it means buying junk cars for cheap.

Another thing is that different junkyards will have different values for your junk car. One scrap yard may pay you $500 for junk cars because their scrap buyer always pays good prices. However another will only pay you $200 for junk cars because the market price of copper may be lower than their standards. 

Another option for junkyards to buy your junk car is to pick it up and tow the junk car themselves. While this will remove the hassle for you to tow junk cars yourself, which takes both time and effort. Having the salvage yard haul your junk car is much easier. However, the cash offer you receive from the junkyard car buyer will be lower than what you would get bringing in the junk car on your own. Junkyards will factor the time, work, and cost of towing your junk car and deduct that from the total offer you get for your junk car. 

Ultimately, selling your junk car with is the easiest method of all. We tow junk cars for free, so your instant offer will not be lowered upon pickup. Plus you won’t need to field multiple offers from many different junkyards to get the best price. Our instant offer is guaranteed and represents the highest bid we receive to buy your junk car.

How Much Do Junkyards Pay for Junk Cars?

If you have a junk car, you are probably wondering “how much is my junk car worth?” Depending on the condition of your junk car, the value may not be so easy to determine. That being said, car buyers are experienced in diagnosing and valuing junk cars in order to pay you exactly what your junk car is worth.

When selling your junk car to a junkyard, it is a good idea to have an idea of the value of your junk car before negotiating. Since the junkyard would be happy to take your junk car for free, it is important to not accept a low ball offer for your junk car. That being said, junkyard pros know exactly how much junk cars are worth for their scrap, so do not expect to outwit a junkyard car buyer. And of course never lie about the condition of your car at a junkyard. 

When trying to value a junk car, start with the basics. If the car runs then it might not be worth junking. This is because you might be able to sell it it a driver instead of a junkyard, and your proceeds will likely be higher. If the car does not run, then it is destined to be crushed in a junk yard. Chances are no mechanic will want to fix up a car that is junk, otherwise known as a mechanic special

After you determine that your junk car does not run, check the condition of the exterior of the car. Needless to say, cars with good exteriors are worth more than cars with missing panels or lights. Junkyards can salvage and resell bumpers, doors, windows, lights, and more so they will be more inclined to want your car if it is in good exterior condition.

Now consider the mechanics of the junk car. It may not run, but it is important to know what exactly is wrong with the junk car. If the junk car will not run because the engine or gas tank is missing, then the junkyard will offer you less for the car. As long as no parts are missing, you can expect to receive the same cash offer for you junk car. Some parts are worth more than others, so a junk car missing parts can still be sold to a junkyard at a fair price.

Other important factors for junkyards to consider is the cost of towing your junk car. In the event the junkyard will pickup the junk car from your location, their offer for your car will vary. If your junk car is missing tires, it will be harder for the tow truck driver to haul the junk car to the junkyard. Junk car buyers factor the costs of hauling junk cars into the offer they make to you. So if you sell a junk car to a junkyard, you will get paid more if you can bring the junk car to the scrap yard yourself. This way it will not cost the salvage yard to salvage junk cars. 

Factoring in all of these things will affect the amount of the offer you get for your car. On the low end, junkyards may not offer you a cash payment for your junk car. They may be willing to haul junk cars for free, but the profit they can make from scrapping the junk car will not afford them to pay cash upfront for beat up junk cars. If your car is missing all of its tires or is missing many important parts, then expect to only receive free junk car removal from junkyards.

The better shape your junk car is is, the better your offer will be. Cars only missing a few smaller parts with all of their tires can be worth anywhere from $100 – $500. This is the sweet spot for most junk car buyers. This price allows junkyards to make a profit after salvaging the car and scrapping the metal. 

So, you’re thinking about selling your car for scrap and wondering what it might be worth. While all scrap yards and junk car buyers will pay different amounts, its good to get an idea of what your junker is worth. Its value will be based on various factors, such as condition, age, make, model, and more. 

The bigger and heavier the junk car, the more scrap metal there will be to salvage, making it worth more to a junk yard. Some motors will be worth more for scrap if they are upmarket makes and models. Also, newer cars tend to have more sellable components that can command higher prices on their own or as a package.

Vehicles that have particularly valuable or desirable parts will be worth more. It’s worth noting that trying to sell parts of the car privately will probably reduce the scrap value, so it’s trying to sell the car as a whole will be easier and better for your wallet.

The prices paid for scrap metals are constantly changing due to market variations. In practice, this probably won’t make a huge difference to the price paid for any individual car, and it’s always best to scrap a car sooner rather than later. A scrap car standing in the yard will probably decrease in value.

Selling a Car to

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