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How to Transfer a Car Title

We Can Help You Transfer Car Title

As a company that buys cars from all fifty states, it’s crucial that we know how to transfer car title. The rules to transfer title differ in every state, so we’ve taken the time to explain how to transfer title whichever state you are from. So if you’re looking for title transfer near me, look no more. helps car sellers transfer title with ease. 

What is a Car Title?

A vehicle’s certificate of title is the most important document in the process on owning a car. A car title verifies ownership of a vehicle to its proper owner. The title will also include any liens on the vehicle, including unpaid loans to lenders or dealerships.

A car title is the owner’s go to proof of ownership for their car. When a car is purchased, the state in which it was bought will produce this title document for the owner to confirm the transfer of ownership as well as mention an lienholders on the vehicle.

Types of Title

Staying on the topic of car title, there are three main types of title to be aware of. Each type of title has a different meaning as well as different options for the owner of the vehicle.

Clean Title

A clean title is what most cars is working condition will have. Assuming the car was purchased legally from a dealer or autoshop, you will receive a clean title. It is easiest to sell or trade in a car with a clean title because it proves ownership and confirms that no major damage has taken place.

Salvage Title

A salvage title is a car title for a car the has sustained major damage. When a working car becomes unusable or salvaged, a salvage title is produced to properly mark the car. When the owner goes to sell or transfer ownership of the junk car, the salvage title shows buyers that this vehicle is not in condition of a clean title.

Rebuilt Title

A rebuilt title is similar to a salvage title, except it shows that a formerly salvaged car was rebuilt. So while the car at one time was destined for salvage, it has been rebuilt for road use again. However this does not ensure any details on the car’s functionality. Always check with a mechanic to confirm the quality of a car with rebuilt title.

No Title

A car with no title is exactly what it sounds like. The car has no formal proof of ownership or condition, and therefore is much riskier to buy, sell, or transfer. Maybe the title was lost or destroyed, but don’t worry, it is possible to get a replacement title by working with your state DMV office.

How to Get a Title for a Car

If you have no title or need to get a replacement title for your car, you have options. Your best option is to contact the Department of Motor Vehicle office in your state. They will provide you with a checklist to gather the necessary documents to get started. Once they confirm your information, they will begin processing your replacement title.

These steps will differ between states. Each state will have their own way of replacing auto title, but for the most parts, the information needed from them will generally be the same. Things like your name, address, social security number, and other boilerplate information help the state motor vehicle department confirm your ownership of a car.

What Does a Car Title Look Like?

A car title looks like a unique checkered paper out of the fifties. It almost looks as if it was prepared using a typewriter. It will contain basic information about the car, including the VIN, make, and model. The exact mileage at the time of purchase is also included to confirm the date of transfer. The title also includes the name and address of the owner of the car.

The general style will different between states, but the general look of car titles will be similar enough to recognize at first glance. And remember, keep your car title in a safe space that you won’t forget. Once a title is lost or damaged, it takes some time and effort to get it replaced.

Sell a Car with No Title

Do you have a car but don’t have title? If so, it can be a pain trying to sell a car without title. The main reason is because buyers can’t easily confirm your ownership of the car. There are other means to confirm ownership, but these take more time and effort from the buyer. And if you’re selling a junk car with no title, finding a buyer can be even harder.

Luckily, buys cars with no title. No matter what your car’s title status is, we work with you to buy your car all the same. We will take our time to confirm other forms of proof such as the bill of sale to provide you with a safe and easy way to sell your car.