4 Ways to Get Rid of an Unwanted Car

Wondering what to do with a junk car?

There are a million reasons someone can become burdened with a junk car.

Let’s say a self-storage facility owner needs to empty out an old garage. To their surprise, inside is a beat up old car that doesn’t even run. What are they supposed to do?

Or perhaps someone receives a relative’s bequeathed home which contains a pair of unfinished project cars. If they’re not a mechanic, how will these cars be removed?

Fortunately, we’ve ranked the four best methods for anyone to relieve themselves of the stress of owning a junk car.

#4 – Scrap it

No matter where you live, chances are there is a scrapyard of some kind within a few hours.

These businesses make money by receiving, and sometimes paying for various types of materials. Some of these scrapyards are generalized where they take in all types of raw materials, recyclables, and other forms of waste. Received items will be sorted and processed depending on their potential value and ability to be recycled.

Other scrapyards are more specialized by only accepting and processing a certain type of scrap, be it construction debris or – you guessed it – cars.

Scrapyards for cars, more specifically known as auto yards or salvage yards, will take in all sorts of automobiles. Once the valuable parts are picked and pulled, the remaining body is crushed into a compact unit to be recycled. The majority of the time auto yards are processing junk cars as instead of running cars.

Unfortunately, not all scrapyards and auto yards will make the journey to come get your junk car. If it can’t be safely driven, you will need to tow or pay to have it towed to the scrapyard. This expense will eat into whatever scrap value your vehicle has.

#3 – List it Online

With a plethora of online car marketplaces and forums around today, there plenty of options for car owners. Just take a picture, set it and forget it right?

With newer cars to cars in barely decent condition, selling your car on a marketplace can be relatively painless. The bigger sites will handle the annoying parts like paperwork, but they also take a chunk of your proceeds. Others may be more affordable, but they don’t receive the traffic you need to get a competitive offer.

Then there are sites like Craigslist. This forum model can obviously be extremely popular, but the nature of conducting transactions with unverified parties can still be sketchy. Exchanging payment, transferring ownership, and random meetups are all still issues these methods face today.

With any online marketplace, selling junk cars makes things even more difficult. Your pool of potential buyers will be narrowed to those who own a tow truck or dolly, so your offers won’t be as competitive.

#2 – Donate it

Since junk cars hold some form of value, the option of donating is freely available.

Non-profits like Kars for Kids provide nationwide services that will pickup and process your car as a donation. In addition to free towing, these organizations give out a vacation voucher or gift card, and you may even be able to deduct this donation from your taxes.

As advocates of donating and philanthropy, the reward of doing good is one that should not be forgotten. After reselling or scrapping your junk car, the profits are donated to important causes to help those in need.

The major downside of donating a car is not receiving any proceeds. While you will receive other solid benefits as previously mentioned, you will miss out on getting paid cash for your junk car. Even if your junk car is a complete eyesore, it can still be worth a few hundred dollars.

#1 – Sell it to InstantOffer.com

What if the benefits mentioned above could all be polymerized into one great solution?

If only there was a way to get paid cash for your junk car, have it towed away for free, and recycled for a greater cause – all while never leaving your house and getting the most competitive offer?

That is precisely why InstantOffer.com was started – to provide car buying services that make the process as simple as possible for junk car owners.

We can give you a cash offer to match your car’s condition and schedule the pickup date around your time. We tow any and all cars away at no charge, and provide a safe, trustworthy way for people to sell cars in any condition.

Once you decide our option is best, give us a call or fill out our online form and we’ll give you an instant offer for whatever vehicle you need gone.

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