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What is Auto Recycling?

About Auto Recycling

Auto recycling is a thriving and vital industry in the United States. It has a role to play in recycling vital resources that might otherwise be wasted, therefore enabling dangerous or toxic chemicals to be salvaged or processed. This is good for the environment and good for the industries which need recycled materials.

When a car is ready to be recycled, generally all of its useful parts have been stripped and sold off. This is commonplace for places like 
auto salvage yards, who make their money scrapping junk cars. Did you know about 75% of a car can be scrapped for useful parts?

Every year, over twenty-five million tons of metal is recycled from junk cars. In fact, the metal recycled from junk cars in North America each year is enough to produce over thirteen million new vehicles. Talk about efficient!

With so much value to recycling cars, it’s abundantly clear why people (like us!) are so eager to buy junk cars, even if they don’t run or have extensive damage. And not only are valuable solids taken from these cars, but even leftover oil and other hazardous liquids are recycled. In fact, the auto industry is eager to reclaim these liquids to reprocess and reduce costs.

Once all of the useful parts of a junk car have been removed, the leftovers are processed in a car crusher and thrown away. Luckily, only a small percentage of these cars cannot be recycled. 

What are the Benefits of Auto Recycling?

The main reason people don’t participate in auto recycling is generally because they don’t know how to. Is there a junkyard near me? How can I get my car there if it doesn’t run? These are all fair questions, but we want to show you how beneficial auto recycling is.

By recycling your car with value, you’ll be paid cash on the spot for your car. Even if it has tons of damage and can’t run, there is value to be had by recycling your junk car. Junkyards and local car buyers are happy to shell out for junkers because they know how to sell the parts for profit.

Another benefit is the fact that your car can be picked up at no charge. There’s no need to let a car rot in your driveway if someone like us is willing to provide free junk car removal. 

Auto recycling your car is not only good for your wallet, but it’s also great for the environment. By cutting down on waste, utilizing recycled materials, and disposing of leftover parts safely, dangerous and hazardous metals and liquids are kept out of the environment. 

Who Benefits from Recycled Cars?

To say it bluntly, everyone. Although the benefits differ depending on who you ask. 

First and foremost is the environment. It can’t be overstated how much recycling cars helps keep our planet safe. By not contaminating water supplies with harmful chemicals or threatening wildlife with abandoned vehicles, we as a society contribute to a better world. 

There are plenty of businesses and sole proprietors that benefit from auto recycling as well. Individuals who drive tow trucks, flip used parts, or run a small junk yard can earn a good living in the car recycling industry. Businesses that operate larger junkyards, recycling facilities, or car companies procuring recycled raw materials provide jobs and contribute to the local economy.

Last but not least is the car’s owner. There is nothing to gain by letting a car rot away on your property or in a garage. Not only can it be taken away for free, but chances are you’ll get paid for it. (Wink, wink.)

Auto Recycling with

Here at, we’ve taken the hard work out of recycling your car. We take all kinds of cars from junk cars, wrecked cars or running cars.

So, if you’re thinking of recycling your car, but not sure how to do it or don’t want the extra work, just give us a call and we’ll make you an instant offer.

If you’re happy with the price, we’ll arrange for your car to be picked up and you’ll receive payment by cash or check. Plus, the whole process can be done in a day.