Sell My Car Albany

We Buy Cars in Albany, NY

New York’s Capital region combines a large city with rural surroundings. With our car buying services now in Albany, we’ll be able to help customers from anywhere in the area. 

As a major transportation hub, Albany sees millions of drivers every year. It is also a major player in the auto industry with over a hundred car dealerships in the region. That reminds me of the ago old tale: Where there are cars to buy, there are cars to sell.  And we buy junk cars in Albany every single day. 

Whether you’re from Albany, Catskill, Schenectady, Saratoga, or anywhere in the country for that matter, we can help. We can come to you, pick up the car, and pay you cash once you accept our instant offer. If you’re a transplant from Brooklyn, we buy cars from there too!

Junk Car Buyers Near Albany, NY

Holding onto a junk car can lead a number of problems. Not only is it an eyesore to look at, but you are losing value everyday it sits unwanted. Plus, the leftover oil, metal, and plastics can harm the environment and nearby wildlife. These materials could be scraped and the car can be up to 95% recyclable.

Our local Albany car buyers are waiting to help customers just like you get rid of an unwanted vehicle. Just give us a call or fill out our online form and we’ll make you an offer for your junk car. If you accept, we’ll arrange to pick it up in one to two days. Once we arrive, we’ll inspect the car to confirm the provided details. If the car matches your description, we’ll be on our way with the car in tow (for FREE!). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Buys Junk Cars in Albany, NY? has a robust network of junk car buyers in Albany. We can pick up your car anywhere in or around Albany, New York for free, knowing a trusted car buyer will handle the process from start to finish. 

What Happens With My Car?


Once our Albany junk car buyer picks up your car, there are different options available. If the car to complete junk, it will likely be scrapped for parts at a junk yard and then recycled. If the car is running and in good shape, it may be auctioned off to someone who can drive it or touch it up. 

How Long Does It Take?


Once your offer is accepted, a car buyer in Albany will reach out in a day or two to set up your pick up date. From there, all you need to do is collect your cash and say goodbye to your old car. 

Can I Sell My Car With No Title Albany?


We buy Albany cars without title! We can confirm ownership through other means including the bill of sale.