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Auto Salvage Yards

What is an auto salvage yard?

Auto salvage yards, otherwise known as junkyards or scrapyards, specialize in junk cars that are not in great shape. A car could have any number of problems, from a missing wheel to a broken engine, and a salvage yard will still want it.

Sometimes cars in decent shape can be auctioned off to the highest bidder. This is likely because the car is worth more as a whole rather than the sum of its parts. The auto salvage yard can also sell the running car to a car dealer or someone in their network. 

If the car doesn’t run, the salvage yard has a couple options. 

The first option is to fix up the car and resell it. If only a few parts are missing or the damage isn’t that bad, the car can be fixed up and resold as a working car.

The second option is to scrap the car for parts. In this case, the salvage yard will deconstruct the car and sell the parts individually. They can also leave the car as is and allow customers to buy what they want from a car as is.

This is sometimes called “pick and pull” or “pick-n-pull” because the buyer can remove what they’d like only. 

Why sell to an auto salvage yard?

While there are a number of options for selling your car like online or to a dealer, auto salvage yards are a great option.

The best part of selling to a salvage yard is they will buy anything. It almost doesn’t matter how bad a condition your car is, the salvage yard will buy it. Since they can sell car parts individually and accept junk cars, your junk car is exactly the inventory they want.

Another advantage is the cash payments. Since auto salvage yards are almost always a cash business, a junk car buyer will have no problem paying cash on the spot. An auto salvage yard can make you an instant cash offer, enabling you to sell your car quickly and move on.

There are also environmental benefits of selling to an auto salvage yard. Since even junk cars are being recycled and sold for parts, less debris is left to decay. Be it in the woods or your front yard, there’s no benefit to letting a junk car sit outside. Plus, each day you don’t sell your car, the more value it loses. 

How much do you get for scrapping a car?

So, you’re thinking about selling your car for scrap and wondering what it might be worth. While all scrap yards and junk car buyers will pay different amounts, its good to get an idea of what your junker is worth.Its value will be based on various factors, such as condition, age, make, model, and more. 

The bigger and heavier the junk car, the more scrap metal there will be to salvage, making it worth more to a junk yard. s
ome motors will be worth more for scrap if they are upmarket makes and models. Also, newer cars tend to have more sellable components that can command higher prices on their own or as a package.

Vehicles that have particularly valuable or desirable parts will be worth more. It’s worth noting that trying to sell parts of the car privately will probably reduce the scrap value, so it’s trying to sell the car as a whole will be easier and better for your wallet.

The prices paid for scrap metals are constantly changing due to market variations. In practice, this probably won’t make a huge difference to the price paid for any individual car, and it’s always best to scrap a car sooner rather than later. A scrap car standing in the yard will probably decrease in value.

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