What is the Ford Escape Towing Capacity?

Ford Escape Towing Capacity

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2009 Jeep Liberty Problems – What to Know

2009 Jeep Liberty

It is important to stay on top of any recalls your car might have. If there is a widespread issue then the manufacturer will impose a recall in order safely repair as many of the affected cars as possible. Fortunately for the 2009 Jeep Liberty, there has only been one recall to date. 2009 Jeep … Read more

2005 Mini Cooper Transmission Problems

2005 Mini Cooper Transmission

If you happen to be driving a 2005 Mini Cooper, then there’s a good change you love your car. Why else would you be driving such an old car? Mini vehicles are known for being great dependable cars. Plus they come with great craftsmanship that makes driving so much fun. But every once in a … Read more

Why the Catalytic Converter is So Expensive

Catalytic Converter

Everyone knows that there are seemingly endless parts in a car. From nuts and bolts to everything in the engine bay, it is easy to get lost in all of the mechanics. But one of the parts most people never see is the catalytic converter. And believe it or not, it is the most expensive … Read more

2000 Honda Prelude – What’s it Worth?

2000 Honda Prelude

The origins of the Honda Prelude date all the way back to 1978. This year is when the car was first introduced to the Japanese market by auto manufacturer Honda. The Prelude was actually the first Honda car to have a power moonroof be standard in all models. Through the early eighties, all but 20% … Read more