What is a Mechanic Special?

Mechanic Special

Car shopping leads to stress for many individuals. They look at the price of new cars and quickly realize they need to buy used to afford the car they desire. At times, people come across a listing that they figure must be a typing error. The price is simply too good to be true, so … Read more

The Most Common Cars Found in Junkyards

As buyers of cars in any condition, we see a wide array of quality come through our pipeline. Especially junk cars. It’s not uncommon for your average junkyard to process hundreds, if not thousands of different makes and models in a given year. So many older cars are being aged out of the market, and … Read more

What is a Pick-n-Pull Scrapyard?

If you ever drive by an auto yard or scrapyard, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the phrase “pick-n-pull” advertised. It is also frequently presented as “pick and pull.” What may sound like a silly kids game or a way for Uncle Jimmy to get you to pull his finger is actually a popular method … Read more

4 Ways to Get Rid of an Unwanted Car

Mechanic Special

Wondering what to do with a junk car? There are a million reasons someone can become burdened with a junk car. Let’s say a self-storage facility owner needs to empty out an old garage. To their surprise, inside is a beat up old car that doesn’t even run. What are they supposed to do? Or … Read more