What is a Brake Caliper?

Brake Caliper

The modern car is equipped with a disc brake system that allows for easier motion and braking. This technology is vital in the further development of cars as they travel at higher speeds for longer distances. One thing all disc brake cars have in common is the brake system in which they use. This braking … Read more

How Does The Power Steering Rack Work?

Steering Rack

As most people are aware, your car’s steering wheel is used to direct the car in different directions. Cars today are greatly assisted by power assisted steering systems that allow drivers to turn the car without needing to apply an equal amount of force. But how can a simple turn of the wheel get a … Read more

How a Car Brake Line Works

Car Brake Lines

Without functioning brakes, a car would be a giant metal hunk of danger. A multiple ton machine flying down the road without the ability to stop would be a nightmare. That is why your car brake line is so crucial. A brake line is the part of your car that communicates between your brake pedal … Read more

What is Brake Fluid and How Does it Work?

Brake Fluid

If you’ve ever wondered what makes the brakes in your car work, there are a lot of factors at play. Not only are there multiple parts that make up your car’s brake system, but some of the brake components require lubrication and pressurization to work. That is why your car needs brake fluid. Brake fluid … Read more

What is Power Steering Fluid?

Power Steering Fluid

Without power steering, drivers today would need to be bodybuilders in order to turn the steering wheel in a car. This invention from the mid 20th century enables any driver to be able to turn their car using a steering wheel at any speed with ease. This type of convenience is due to power steering … Read more