The Most Common Cars Found in Junkyards

As buyers of cars in any condition, we see a wide array of quality come through our pipeline.

Especially junk cars.

It’s not uncommon for your average junkyard to process hundreds, if not thousands of different makes and models in a given year. So many older cars are being aged out of the market, and even more are being recycled to make new cars. Of course, plenty of new cars are junked as well after bad accidents as well.

With all of these different vehicles being scrapped on a daily basis, businesses like ours try to find patterns in our inventory. For cars still on the road, it is easier to see which makes and models are most common. But what about the cars that are being crushed into a metal cube as we speak?

We looked at the most common brands you’ll see in a junkyard – here are five of the many.

Ford Junk Cars & Trucks

Ford isn’t just a brand, but it’s also a symbol of Americana.

Given how long the company has been around, it’s also a given how many of their vehicles end up scrapped. Founded in 1903, Ford trucks and eventually sedans, SUVs, and sports cars filled the streets. Many of these vehicles are left behind to next generations either for the value or just as a keepsake. Eventually, all cars and trucks must be scrapped.

The most common model we came across were Ford F-150 trucks from the previous century. Nineties trucks hold their value well too, and provide nice offers for the sellers. Others included the Ford Focus and the Ford Ranger.

Honda Junk Cars

Another long living and long lasting vehicle is the Honda Civic.

It fills college campus parking lots from student drivers trying to save money on gas. They consistently last for over 200,000 miles, if not longer for responsible car owners. Something car buying companies have to consider is if a car still has usability, which generally leads to a higher resale price.

That being said, we make strong offers for junk Honda Civics knowing they are so reliable. By seeing consistent models like this we are able to make stronger assumptions based on the details potential customers provide. Don’t worry, we’ll buy your 2000 Honda Prelude too.

Not to mention, the Honda Accord is another popular model that is commonly scrapped or fixed and resold.

Nissan Junk Cars

The Nissan brand makes up a good portion of the used car market and are very popular on the road.

Although slightly down from its heyday, Nissan cars are still among the most purchased and most favored on the market. Known for their value and quality, many will last longer than a decade and still be in good shape.

The most common models we see are the Altima and Sentra from the mid-2000s. After fifteen years on the road, these cars are still worth the little effort it takes to sell and get paid cash.

Toyota Junk Cars

Another popular car brand with two extremely popular models is none other than Toyota. Known for their craftsmanship and longevity, Toyota’s are not only popular in Japan and the U.S., but they are one of the largest worldwide car manufacturers.

With volume, comes leftovers. And there will always be leftover cars.

That’s why the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Camry are two of the most common cars found in junkyards. Mostly models from before the millennium, these cars are frequently processed and resold at auto shops. However, not everything can be salvaged, so these cars hit the junkyard at the end of their useful lives.

Have one of these cars to sell?

We pay cash for all of the following cars:

  • Ford F-150
  • Ford F-250
  • Ford Escort
  • Ford Focus
  • Ford Mustang
  • Ford Taurus
  • Honda Accord
  • Honda Civic
  • Nissan Altima
  • Nissan Sentra
  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Corolla
  • and many many more!

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