What is a Windshield Wiper Motor?

Thanks to modern technology, drivers have the ability to utilize mechanical windshield wipers to clear off their windshield. Although not everything in our cars has been motorized. Remember hand crank windows? Luckily for our windshield wipers, we have the luxury of powering them with something called the windshield wiper motor.

The wiper motor is exactly that – the machine that powers your car’s windshield wipers. Since it would be not only difficult but dangerous to operate windshield wipers manually, the wiper motor is valuable for both its utility and convenience.

Where is the Windshield Wiper Motor Located?

The wiper motor can be found by opening the hood of your car and propping it open. Look towards the back of the engine bay where your windshield meets the car. Just below your windshield wipers should be the wiper motor. It will have a main cylinder component along with a long connector for both of your car’s windshield wipers.

If you’re searching for a new or used windshield wiper motor, they can be located at any auto parts store or online. Because even if you’re unable to fully repair the wiper motor, you’ll be able to affordably replace the part.

In fact, many car part stores will sell universal windshield wiper motor kits that include the motor, both wipers, and any necessary tools needed to complete the job yourself. You won’t even need to take your car to the shop to install a windshield wiper motor.

Windshield Wiper Motor Replacement

If you’re wondering how to tell if a windshield wiper motor is bad, just try using your car’s windshield wipers. Flick your wiper switch up and see if your wipers are engaged by the wiper motor. If not, the wipers will not move as you’ve directed them to.

Luckily, the cost to replace or repair a windshield wiper motor is small. A new part should only run you around $30. Plus there are universal windshield wiper motors on the market so you can find the part that best fits your car.

To replace your wiper motor, you’ll first need to remove your windshield wipers themselves. Just unscrew the bolt that hold the wipers in place and detach them from the wiper motor.

Next, detach the wiper motor from the electrical hookup. You should now be able to remove the part completely out of the car.

Lastly, place the new windshield wiper motor into place and connect the electrical component. You should be able to feed the wiper connectors to the two openings so you can reattach the wipers. Just screw in your windshield wipers and you’re all set.