What is a Windshield Washer Nozzle?

While being two of the most forgettable parts to a car, windshield washer nozzles provide immense value to drivers and to your car. Without them, driving in inclement weather would be a big risk. And cleaning a dirty windshield without them would mean getting out the washcloth yourself. Let’s check out what makes these little parts so important to your vehicle.

A windshield washer nozzle is the device on your car that sprays your washer fluid onto your windshield. They can be found either on the hood of your car facing your windshield, or attached somewhere on your windshield wipers.

These spray devices are activated by using your windshield wiper switch to shoot your washer fluid onto your windshield. By doing so, your wipers become lubricated enough to clean your windshield and clear off any water, dirt, or debris. The windshield washer nozzles are connected to your car’s washer fluid reservoir where they draw the fluid from.

Clogged Windshield Washer Nozzle

If you find that your washer nozzles aren’t spraying as much fluid as normally, or that one is under performing, a common culprit is that you have a clogged windshield washer nozzle. Since this isn’t a big deal, it won’t be hard to repair windshield washer nozzles.

To check, just observe the holes on the front of your car’s nozzles to see if there is any obstruction. Sometimes dirt or bugs can get stuck on the nozzle and cause the nozzle the clog. To unclog windshield washer nozzles, wipe away the unwanted grime using a wet rag. You can also use your finger to pick around the opening to make sure nothing is wedged inside the nozzle hole.

Assuming your washer fluid levels aren’t running low, your washer fluid nozzles should be working as good as new.

How To Replace Windshield Washer Nozzle

In the event your spray nozzles are beyond repair, either due to damage or old age, windshield washer nozzle replacement is a simple job to do by yourself.

For starters, buying replacement nozzles is cheap. You can find universal windshield washer nozzles online for less than $10. If you need nozzles for a specific make of car, your dealership or manufacturer will have relatively cheap replacement spray nozzles.

To get started, we’ll tell you how to remove windshield washer nozzles. First, open your hood and pop the stand up. The washer nozzles are located in the hood itself, so you won’t have to look into the engine bay at all.

Next, remove the insulator padding on the underside of the hood. Under here is where the tubing and nozzles themselves are located. Find the spray nozzle you need to replace and disconnect the tube connecting the nozzle to the fluid reservoir.

Then, pop out the old washer nozzle and put the new nozzle into place. From here, just secure the reservoir tube to the nozzle and put the hood insulator back on. Once you close the hood, your windshield washer nozzles should be working good as new.