What is Blinker Fluid?

Cars these days are in need of so much maintenance. Small parts need to be replaced, tires need to be refilled with air, and various fluids need to be topped off. The fluids themselves are almost endless. Gasoline, fuel, wiper fluid, and antifreeze are all examples of fluid levels in your car that need to be monitored closely. But what about blinker fluid?

Blinker fluid fortunately is a fake fluid designed as a prank for new car owners. It is not a real solution, nor is there any applicable way to input blinker fluid into your car. Your turn signals do not need fluid of any kind to operate, so don’t fall for this classic prank!

Is blinker fluid real?

While the fluid is not actually something your vehicle needs, the product itself does exist for joke purposes. If you search online for where to buy blinker fluid, you’ll see some very real looking fluid bottles advertising their ability to lubricate your turn signals.

All of these real looking products are in fact prank items, meaning that they aren’t blinker fluid, but rather a harmless liquid. The goal is to get someone to fall for the blinker fluid joke by pouring it over their headlights.

If you’re wondering how to change blinker fluid, then you need to read up more on your car so you can stop falling for pranks! Hopefully you didn’t buy any, because once you read the blinker fluid label you’ll be palming your face.

Where can I buy blinker fluid?

If you’re looking to pull the blinker fluid prank yourself, you’ll need to buy a bottle to get the job done.

Since it isn’t a legitimate product, you won’t find Autozone blinker fluid or O’Reilly’s blinker fluid. In this case, you’ll have to scour the internet to find some blinker fluid for sale. These joke gifts can be found online or in your local big box retailer.

Nonetheless, you’ll never actually find yourself flicking your windshield wiper switch to engage your turn signal fluid.