Windshield Deicer – What You Need to Know

A commuter’s worst nightmare – waking up Monday morning to see a layer of ice on your windshield. It’s already freezing out, the snow will make your drive a slippery one, and the problems of driving in the winter seem to never stop. That’s why it’s a lifesaver to have deicer handy.

What is Windshield Deicer?

Simply put, deicer is a chemical that does exactly what its name says – it deices your windshield.

But why not just use a window scraper? I think I speak for the millions of car owners out there who adamantly despise standing outside in the cold scraping ice of their windshield. It’s as if scraping is the same as grating a giant block of cheese. The ice comes off in small slivers and requires hundreds of strokes to fully remove the ice.

How does Deicer work?

On its surface (no pun intended), deicer breaks apart the ice and reduces it to water.

Chemically speaking, the main component of windshield deicer is a freezing point depressant. That means that the chemicals cause the freezing point of water to decrease, which results in the ice melting into water. This is because the ice is no longer cold enough to remain frozen, resulting in the ice melting off of your windshield.

The deicer you will use on your windshield will come in the form of a liquid deicer. While products like road salt are also considered a deicer, don’t use any of those products on your windshield.

Homemade Deicer for Windshields

If you’re wondering how to make liquid deicer yourself, you’re in luck. It is very possible to make a homemade deicer solution using products found in the average American household. And there is no need for any deicer trucks.

To get started, make sure to lift up your windshield wipers. Next, mix two parts 70% isopropyl alcohol with one part water. Then, put a small amount of dish soap in the mixture. And that’s it! This solution will allow you to quickly and easily defrost your windshield. You might have to scrape off the remaining ice chunks, but the whole process will take a fraction of the time.

While you’re at it, drop some of your deicer on your windshield washer nozzles to avoid ice buildup. You don’t want to find yourself on the road and you can’t use your wiper fluid.